Follow the Path mp3 Album by Shaolin Afronauts

Follow the Pathby Shaolin Afronauts

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:33:41


1.Ojo Abameta5:27
2.To the Water5:33
3.Baie de Sangareya (Intro)0:31
4.Baie de Sangareya4:15
6.Lagos Chase7:23
7.At the Shrine5:36
8.Interlude 12:46
9.Follow the Path4:20
10.Boogie Back Accra4:11
11.To the Water (Interlude 2)1:54
12.Abyssinian Suite, Pt. 15:29
13.Abyssinian Suite, Pt. 25:08
14.Abyssinian Suite, Pt. 33:44
15.Caravan to Tao Ceti (Intro)1:38
16.Caravan to Tao Ceti7:44
17.Outside Beyond / Three Ways Back, Pt. 13:44
18.Outside Beyond / Three Ways Back, Pt. 27:00
19.Outside Beyond / Three Ways Back, Pt. 35:13
20.Interstellar Griot, Pt. 11:50
21.Interstellar Griot, Pt. 26:08

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