For The Weird By The Weird mp3 Album by Bad Acid Trip

For The Weird By The Weirdby Bad Acid Trip

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 37:18


2.Slave Away0:55
4.Beware of the Little People With Terrible VIsions0:17
5.Fascist Fuckwad0:58
6.Real Animals Intro0:27
7.Real Animals0:48
8.Join the Circus3:25
9.Kill or Be Killed2:18
10.Bad Acid Trip1:19
11.Strange Humans1:40
12.Constructing Love1:28
13.Furious Fists of Jackie Chan0:55
14.It's a Wonderful Life2:35
15.When You Go Madd3:43
16.Plate of Shrimp1:25
17.What's Ah Matter0:50
18.Fascist Fuckwads (Live)1:31
19.Real Animals (Live)0:54
20.Join The Circus (Live)3:37
21.Beware Of The Little People With The Terrible VIsions (Live)0:56
22.The Furious Fists Of Jackie Chan (Live)1:06
23.Kill Or Be Killed (Live)2:38
24.Strange Humans (Live)2:08

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