Fragments: A Demo Collection mp3 Artist Compilation by Razor Red Noise

Fragments: A Demo Collectionby Razor Red Noise

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:59


1.Five (Razor Red Noise EP)3:09
2.Cold (Blood Winter)1:32
3.Monterey (Blood Winter)2:50
4.Situation (Blood Winter)2:49
5.Ascent (Perfection In Tragedy)2:45
6.Far (Perfection In Tragedy)2:43
7.End (Perfection In Tragedy)1:31
8.Time (EP2)1:07
9.March (In Coma)2:26
10.April (In Coma)3:06
11.Waves (EP3)3:33
12.Crunch (The Ghost City)2:54
13.Juno (The Ghost City)3:12
14.Whispers (The Ghost City)3:06
15.Hats (Once An Exile)3:09
16.Short (Once An Exile)3:06
17.Echoes (Once An Exile)2:43
18.Find (The Parallel)2:48
19.C (The Parallel)1:31
20.Build (The Parallel)2:04
21.Custom (EP4)3:52
22.30 (The Hours of Darkness)1:06
23.Bolt (The Hours of Darkness)2:13
24.Kick (The Hours of Darkness)3:32
25.Everything (Psychosis)1:53
26.Final (Phantoms)3:40
27.808 (Phantoms)0:55
28.Film (Phantoms)1:24
29.Glide (Vital Signs)2:43
30.Eyes (Vital Signs)2:00
31.Various (Vital Signs)1:37