Full House - The Very Best of Madness mp3 Artist Compilation by Madness

Full House - The Very Best of Madnessby Madness

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:23:44


Disk #1

1.The Prince3:21
2.One Step Beyond2:18
3.My Girl2:45
4.Bed and Breakfast Man2:34
5.Night Boat to Cairo3:31
7.Baggy Trousers2:47
9.The Return of the Los Palmas 72:04
10.Grey Day3:39
11.Shut Up4:06
12.It Must Be Love3:21
13.Cardiac Arrest2:53
14.House of Fun2:46
15.Driving in My Car3:18
16.Our House3:23
17.Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)3:11
18.Wings of a Dove2:59
19.The Sun and the Rain3:28
20.Michael Caine3:40
21.One Better Day4:07

Disk #2

1.Uncle Sam4:15
2.Yesterday's Men4:37
3.(Waiting for) The Ghost Train3:44
4.Sarah's Song3:45
6.Johnny the Horse3:21
7.Drip Fed Fred4:31
8.Simple Equation4:02
9.Girl Why Don't You3:05
11.Dust Devil3:45
12.Forever Young4:36
13.Sugar and Spice2:52
14.My Girl 22:51
15.Never Knew Your Name3:28
16.How Can I Tell You?3:19
18.La Luna3:38
19.Mr. Apples3:39
20.Can't Touch Us Now4:12
21.Another Version of Me2:40