Full Moon Chill, Vol.2: A Magical Sound Journey by Various Artists

Full Moon Chill, Vol.2: A Magical Sound Journey

by Various Artists

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:40:41


1.So Beautiful (Skyscraper Cut)by Sean Hayman5:45
2.Nautica (Ambient Mix)by Dreamscape4:09
3.Calm Sea (Full Moon Mix)by Island Sun5:05
4.Artico Purcente (Aqua Wellness Mix)by Richard van Arp4:31
5.Blue Tenerife (Waveglider Mix)by Cocogroove5:01
6.Experiment Of Short Elements (Ambient Flight Mix)by Frank Borell4:15
7.The Moon In The Pool (Black Clouds Mix)by Vladi Strecker7:12
8.Island In The Sky (Sail Away Mix)by Sean Hayman5:40
9.The Seven Sense (Behind The Horizon Mix)by Dreamscape5:11
10.Go Your Way (Skyfall Mix)by Island Sun5:15
11.Flyways (Meditation Mix)by Frank Borell8:08
12.Mauritania Desert (No Water Cut)by Djibooti4:20
13.Sleep & Dream (Arabian Nights Mix)by Le Voyage5:27
14.Mystere De La Mer (Oceanview Mix)by Vladi Strecker8:06
15.Karen's Ballade (Relaxation Cut)by Sebastian M.W.8:41
16.Klangschale (Meditation Mix)by Frank Borell6:36
17.Shaman Wisdom (Mystic Mountain Mix)by Vladi Strecker6:33
18.Letter From Paris (Wellness Mix)by Dreamscape5:03
19.Lolita Dezio (Dreamreality Mix)by In Credo3:29
20.Dreamland (Wellness Mix)by Frank Borell5:33
21.Sea And Soul (Blue Water Mix)by Vladi Strecker7:04
22.Take Your Time (The Flow Cut)by Le Voyage5:34
23.Sea Of Love (Whisper Mix)by Sean Hayman5:11
24.A New Beginning (Total Chill Mix)by Frank Borell7:10
25.Sad Emotion (Piano Mix)by In Credo3:52
26.A New Day (Venus Mix)by Vladi Strecker6:38
27.Tiefenrausch (Nautilus Mix)by Frank Borell4:10
28.Kalahari Silence (Dark Sand Mix)by Panafrican Project6:24
29.Angels With You (Full Meditation Trip)by In Credo7:23
30.Loosing Again (Boombastic Cut)by Island Sun5:43
31.Full Moon Chill, Vol. 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists2:47:32