Future Imperfect mp3 Album by Absolute Darkness
  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:20


1.World in Disarray5:38
2.Democratic Suicide5:08
4.Barricaded In4:13
5.On My Way to Death5:00
6.H2 Oblivion4:53
7.Truth Is Dead5:17

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G. Shivers
The band “Absolute Darkness” comes out with their latest album “Future Imperfect”. This San Francisco band’s talent brings us typical death metal; sharp yet thrashing guitar licks, strong but subdued percussion and the rough yet slightly melodic vocals you would come to expect from any death metal band. “Future Imperfect” consists of eight tracks for a total playing time of 39 minutes and 20 seconds. In creating their album, “Absolute Darkness” seemingly ordered their tracks to keep the listener engaged in their frustrated and chronological message on the problems experienced by everyone in our society. Evil and corruption that seems to be getting worse and irreplaceable, especially given our current political climate and divisiveness permeating all the societal levels within our country.
1: “World in Disarray”
“World in Disarray” does the best of any other song on this track list in portraying the situation in not just the U.S., but all around the world. With the rise of populist candidates, this track relates the frustration we all feel. Relating the turbulence of WWII to our current day, “World in Disarray” connects the seemingly irrelevant events of today to those the predated the world war.
2: “Democratic Suicide”
We all would like to believe we live in a country that was built on the strength and fairness. Regardless of the strength of convictions or moral superiority, every politician succumbs to the corruption that the US government has.
3: “Betrayal”
Living in corruption only breeds corruption. How do we create meaningful relationships with the people that populate our daily lives? How do we reconcile our morals and beliefs with those who have had their minds and thoughts poisoned by the rotten and worthless propaganda promoted by those in power? This track shows us the perils and pitfalls all of us have to experience in dealing with the members of a society that has been brainwashed and manipulated.
4: “Barricaded In”
Fed up with the pigs of society and the hypocrites in power, what else is their to do but “barricade” ourselves in. How else do we protect what little integrity our manipulated minds are struggling to hold on to? Are we being manipulated to barricade ourselves in, or is it our choosing to disengage from the horrors of everyday society? Have we lost a tenant of being human...the ability to trust?
5: “On My Way to Death”
This track seems to pick up on all the atrocities we face on our slow and deliberate march towards death. We see the bodies of those who went before us, countless lives ruined. This march takes in everyone around us, loved ones, friends, acquaintances. While we see the slow death that captures all those around us, we become reminded of the frustration and helplessness of our own death march, and there is nothing we can do to change it.
6: “H2 Oblivion”
What better way to describe our state of helplessness than to compare it with water? The imagery of walls of water, water engulfing all around us, the sight of dead bodies floating in the water that only portends death. Nothing we can do will help us to escape the drowning and all encompassing flood that is to come. Why does it on the one hand give us life, and on the other hand take it away from us?
7: “Truth is Dead”
With direct references to discrimination and the Russian hacking of our 2016 election, “Truth is Dead” does a superb job of relating the evilness of our leaders in power and the media that they control. How or what are we to believe? Trickery and manipulation blinds us from the sick and evil ulterior motives that may forever remain a secret.
8: “2029”
Will nature and the laws of the cosmos punish us for our evil and corrupt ways? Why must those who are a slave to the establishment suffer as well? The meteor coming to shatter the world is indifferent; everyone must suffer and perish. “2029” is our ultimate ending, goodbye to hope only to welcome the darkness of death.