Future Sound of Egypt 500 by Various Artists

Future Sound of Egypt 500

by Various Artists

  • 78 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:17:25


1.City Lights (Stereo Underground Remix)by Danito & Athina7:14
2.The White Cityby Kamilo Sanclemente3:53
3.Tomorrow (Paul Thomas & White-Akre Remix) (and Jerome Isma-Ae)by Paul Thomas5:25
4.UV (Matan Caspi Remix) (and Paul Thomas)by Aly & Fila4:39
5.Momentum Milaniby Andre Absolut4:31
6.Glideby Bluum5:09
7.Elixirby Kamilo Sanclemente5:38
8.Wilde (and Alastor)by Jerome Isma-Ae5:07
9.Syracusse (Danito & Athina Remix) (and John Cosani)by Mariano Mellino4:20
10.The Baguio Track (Victor Ruiz Remix)by Luzon5:35
11.Flashes (feat. Sealine)by Stereo Underground3:33
12.Alpha Papaby Paul Thomas3:33
13.Goliath (and White-Akre)by Paul Thomas4:18
14.Aquamarina (and K3v)by Paul Thomas6:34
15.Pureby Andretta4:47
16.In These Arms (Gundamea Remix)by The Thrillseekers2:54
17.Diamond Eyes (and Hidden Tigress)by Farid5:30
18.Pride (Mehdi Belkadi Presents)by Umei2:33
19.Life Changesby Jeef B4:18
20.Radioactivityby Gordey Tsukanov5:04
21.Disarm You (Andromedha Remix) (feat. Sally Oh)by Skylex4:03
22.Whisperby Emerge5:34
23.Trackerby MaxRevenge4:03
24.Aquaphonic (Ellez Ria Presents)by Arkam3:29
25.Revelationsby Revkin4:11
26.Daybreakby Pablo Artigas4:58
27.Synergyby Tim Verkruissen4:25
28.The One I Lost (with Leeds)by Ron4:50
29.Ariaby Monoverse4:39
30.Aswanby Alex Wright4:05
31.Blueshiftby Castra & Sovve3:52
32.Fluid Karmaby Thomas Datt9:24
33.Who Knew (and Franco Riccobaldi)by Ferry Tayle5:17
34.I Can't Tell (and Victoriya)by Dan Stone4:38
35.Finding Carl (Radio Mix)by Daniel Kandi4:21
36.Vona (and Dan Stone)by Ferry Tayle5:06
37.Halcyon (Ferry Tayle Remix)by The Thrillseekers6:12
38.Enru (and Ultimate)by Dan Stone4:38
39.Till the Sunriseby Giuseppe Ottaviani4:38
40.My Shadowby Alex di Stefano5:15
41.Muracoby Marco V2:33
42.Concorde (with Ferry Tayle)by Aly & Fila6:50
43.Chronicle (vs. LightControl)by Kiyoi & Eky4:23
44.Kepler (and Patrick Dreama)by F.G. Noise5:10
45.Limitlessby Allen Watts4:28
46.Square One (Steve Allen Remix)by Allen Watts4:38
47.The Vixen & The Lionessby Alex Wright4:12
48.Sosei (Ferry Tayle Remix)by Airscape6:09
49.Push (Intro Mix)by James Dymond5:27
50.Vivalby Björn Åkesson3:57
51.When Heroes Fall (feat. Eller)by Driftmoon4:59
52.Light Speedby Darren Porter4:10
53.Keep On Moving Up (and James Dymond)by Signum4:31
54.Maze Runnersby James Dymond4:38
55.Twilo (feat. Katherine Amy)by Sean Tyas4:38
56.Querencia (Giuseppe Ottaviani Rework) (and Indecent Noise)by Solarstone4:17
57.The Chronicles (with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif feat. Karim Youssef)by Aly & Fila5:13
58.Destination (James Dymond Remix)by DT8 Project5:48
59.Finding Carlby Daniel Kandi4:49
60.Stayby James Dymond4:47
61.Peopleby Sean Tyas5:48
62.Futura (and Bryan Kearney)by Waio5:08
63.Fortune & Glory (feat. Ankit Sharda)by Dimibo5:06
64.Ravines (Intro Mix)by Stoneface & Terminal6:00
65.Shadows From The Pastby Zengi4:32
66.Damianby Steve Dekay4:11
67.Totally (and Dan Dobson)by Liam Wilson5:02
68.Smokeby Saad Ayub5:27
69.Covenantby Stoneface & Terminal4:41
70.Hybridby Stephen Kirkwood4:23
71.Revolutionby Paul Denton5:06
72.Controverse (Tech Mix) (with Stoneface & Terminal)by Roger Shah6:29
73.Yen2by Empathy5:28
74.So What (Greg Downey Remix)by Stoneface & Terminal4:03
75.Blizzard (and Paul Denton)by David Forbes5:05
76.Pulsateby Jon Mangan4:35
77.Whiplashby Darren Porter3:46
78.Don't Believeby Tasso4:45