Gatecrasher: Black mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Gatecrasher: Blackby Various Artists

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:32:49


Disk #1

1.Gangsta Trippin’by Fatboy Slim3:20
2.Cyclone (Stretch & Vern’s Punks Jump Up mix)by Dub Pistols3:13
3.Reach for Me (Matthew Roberts Funk Force ’98 mix)by Murk2:42
4.Repeated Loveby A.T.G.O.C.4:18
5.The Donby 187 Lockdown1:58
6.Lost in Space (Jason Nevins Lunar Landing)by Apollo 4402:28
7.The Freaks Come Out (Sharp Freaks at Trade mix)by Cevn Fisher3:42
8.Deeper Underground (S-Man meets da Northface Killa dub)by Jamiroquai0:55
9.Let’s Go All the Way (Johnny VIcious dub)by React3:22
10.Strong in Loveby Chicane3:19
11.Dreaming (percussion mix)by Arrola4:37
12.Voices (Knuckleheadz INCredible dub)by Meltdown3:05
13.Body Shineby Billy Hendrix4:14
14.Kinetic (Rhythm Masters melodic mix)by The Golden Girls3:10
15.Disco Cop (original Climax mix)by Blue Adonis2:46
16.Fine Nightby Dusk Til Dawn3:55
17.Jumpin’ and Pumpin’ (Fred and Ginger TP mix)by The Son3:55
18.Storm (original club mix)by Storm3:14
19.Good Shotby Hand’S Burn3:13
20.Ayla (DJ Taucher mix)by Ayla4:17
21.I’m Not Going Home (Gatecrasher vocal mix)by Q:Dos4:43
22.Novaby Spearmint4:49

Disk #2

1.Flying to the Moon (Taucher remix)by Blank & Jones4:21
2.Diving Facesby Liquid Child2:22
3.La Palomaby Dove Beat4:22
4.Jastamba (suspicious mix)by York4:28
5.Lost Without You (Human Movement’s solitary mix)by Dominion4:07
6.Godspeedby BT4:48
7.Vila Nova (Novy vs. Eniak mix)by Orinoko2:31
8.The Secret Wishby Boccaccio Life3:12
9.For an Angel ’98 (E-Werk club mix)by Paul Van Dyk3:12
10.Behind the Sunby Transa3:53
11.Share the Tears (Warlock mix)by Aura3:27
12.La (Lange mix)by Marc Et Claude2:24
13.Madagasgarby Art Of Trance5:36
14.Greece 2000 (Lost Tribe V Miro mix)by Three Drives2:17
15.Universal Nationby Push4:35
16.Spiritual Lightby Mea Culpa4:07
17.Silhouette of Our Love (Dark Matter remix)by Silhouette5:05
18.Forever (Quake remake)by Mantra4:17
19.Definition of Tektoby Area2:31
20.The Nightingaleby DJ Mind-X5:59

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