Ghost of a Tale Original Soundtrack mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Ghost of a Tale Original Soundtrackby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:00


1.Theme From Ghost of a Taleby Jeremiah Pena3:47
2.In the Jeremiah Pena0:58
3.The Maiden Wouldn't Singby Containher1:19
4.Dwindling Heights Jailby Jeremiah Pena2:13
5.Kerold's Themeby Jeremiah Pena4:18
6.Fight or Flight!by Jeremiah Pena0:30
7.Courtyardby Jeremiah Pena3:22
8.Rolo's Themeby Jeremiah Pena2:48
9.The Rat With Two Tailsby Jeremiah Pena0:57
10.Silas' Themeby Jeremiah Pena3:14
11.Far Towerby Mathieu Alvado1:03
12.Gusto & Fatale's Themeby Jeremiah Pena3:02
13.The Sewersby Jeremiah Pena3:16
14.Faustus' Themeby Jeremiah Pena3:02
15.Rascals' Whirligigby Containher0:44
16.The Commander's Themeby Mathieu Alvado2:49
17.My Lovely's Lovelyby Containher2:05
18.Rat Guards' Themeby Jeremiah Pena3:05
19.Catacombsby Mathieu Alvado1:09
20.The Gilded Warriorby Containher1:18
21.Duinlan's Themeby Mathieu Alvado2:59
22.Ouma Rezzia's Themeby Mathieu Alvado2:46
23.A Murder of Crowsby Containher1:01
24.Harboursideby Mathieu Alvado0:57
25.Tam & Farrow's Themeby Mathieu Alvado2:52
26.The Poisoned Cupby Containher1:34
27.The Great Hallby Mathieu Alvado0:51
28.Ballad of the Coward Kingby Containher1:04
29.A Lullabyby Containher0:32
30.Ravik's Themeby Mathieu Alvado2:53
31.The Orphan Princeby Containher1:30
32.Heaven in a Bottleby Jeremiah Pena0:31
33.The Bone Shoreby Mathieu Alvado0:51
34.The Final Battleby Mathieu Alvado4:28
35.Farewell to Dwindling Heightsby Jeremiah Pena1:35
36.The Orphan Prince (Demo)by Containher1:37