Glasgow Underground 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Glasgow Underground 2018by Various Artists

  • 75 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:01:25


1.Born Slippy (Reincarnation mix)by Andrew Meller9:17
2.Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo remix)by Piem5:43
3.The Oooh Song (David Penn remix)by Kevin McKay6:20
4.Electric Feel (extended mix)by Pax7:24
5.Love On My Mind (original mix) (and Cassimm)by Kevin McKay4:23
6.Insomnia (original mix)by Andrew Meller6:44
7.Greece 2000 (original mix) (and Trilucid)by Kevin McKay7:06
8.Fly Life (Flashmob 2018 remix)by Basement Jaxx7:35
9.Paradise (original mix) (and Nick Morgan)by Kaz James7:09
10.Get Get Down (original mix) (and Matt Fontaine)by Kevin McKay5:28
11.Positive Humour (original mix)by Angelo Ferreri7:07
12.On My Mind (original mix)by Cassimm5:54
13.All Nighter (feat. Shyam P & The Deepshakerz) (extended mix)by Ferreck Dawn5:58
14.Save Me (original mix) (and Cassimm)by Kevin McKay5:48
15.No Good (Start The Dance) (Club mix)by Mike Vale6:25
16.Praise You (extended mix)by Joshwa6:40
17.Freaky Dancers (feat. Romanthony) (original mix)by Kevin McKay3:41
18.Delta House Blues (original mix) (and Unorthodox)by Kevin McKay6:22
19.Atliens (Hands Up mix)by Cassimm6:28
20.Crazy About You (Club mix)by Kevin McKay6:54
21.Can't Stop The House (original mix)by Mike Vale6:34
22.How Many Times (original mix) (and Malandra Jr.)by Pirupa5:58
23.The Good Life (original mix)by Kevin McKay4:45
24.Get The Party Started (Club mix)by Lenn & Lexx6:39
25.Love Rights (original mix)by Kevin McKay5:43
26.All That Dancin' (Danny Howard VIP) (and Guz)by Danny Howard6:12
27.Beware Of The Dog (Kevin McKay remix)by Peter Brown6:29
28.Let Me Show You Love (Flashmob remix)by Romanthony6:48
29.Freaky Dancers (Remixes) (Alaia & Gallo remix) (feat. Romanthony)by Kevin McKay6:08
30.Mess With The Freak (extended mix)by Brett Gould7:06
31.4 UR Love (original mix)by Kevin McKay6:50
32.Raptor Bullets (original mix) (and GuyMac)by Emery Warman6:01
33.Get Down Boy (original mix)by Sam Dexter6:58
34.All My Friends (original mix) (and Unorthodox)by Kevin McKay6:19
35.All The Things (original mix) (and Piem)by Alaia & Gallo6:46
36.Propaganda (2018 album version)by Kevin McKay6:09
37.Rock Da House (original mix)by Emery Warman6:31
38.Station of The Groove (original mix)by Kevin McKay6:50
39.Can't Hold Back (original mix) (and Shyam P)by Brett Gould7:33
40.About Spring (original mix)by Marco Anzalone7:15
41.My Love (original mix)by Kevin McKay4:53
42.The Love Forever (album version)by Kevin McKay4:33
43.Samba (original mix)by Cassimm6:31
44.Quiero Samba (original mix)by Emery Warman6:47
45.Reach (original mix)by Kisch3:02
46.Hurry Up (extended mix)by Brett Gould6:10
47.Give It To Them (original mix) (vs. Simon Mattson & Lazarusman)by Dilby6:54
48.Insane (original mix)by David Jackson7:07
49.Bump It (original mix)by Marcellus Wallace5:26
50.Nuevo (original mix)by Truth Be Told6:15
51.Triple X (original mix)by Alaia & Gallo5:43
52.Schwarzenegger (original mix)by David Jackson7:57
53.Sunday Morning(original mix)by Alaia & Gallo6:53
54.Get On The Floor & Dance (original mix) (and Cassimm)by Kevin McKay6:19
55.Hey You (original mix)by Marco Anzalone7:14
56.4 The Love Of House (original mix) (vs. Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax)by Piem7:20
57.Open Space (original mix)by Sante Sansone6:15
58.Lovin' (extended mix) (vs. Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax)by Piem6:50
59.Dance Baby (original mix)by Hurlee & Gaol6:11
60.Hold You (extended mix)by Unorthodox7:02
61.Delta House Blues (Alaia & Gallo remix) (and Unorthodox)by Kevin McKay6:17
62.Outta Control (original mix)by Sante Sansone6:09
63.Can't Help It (original mix)by Vlada Asanin5:48
64.Blow Your Mind (original mix)by Alaia & Gallo6:52
65.My Weapon (original mix) (and Malandra Jr.)by Pirupa6:23
66.This Time (original mix)by Marco Anzalone6:43
67.At One With The Freaks (original mix) (and Emma J White)by Yvette Lindquist6:18
68.Nikita (original mix)by Daniel Trim7:36
69.Closure (original mix)by Adison7:23
70.If You Got Love (original mix) (and Sammy Deuce)by Sebb Junior6:26
71.Black Plastic (original mix)by Unorthodox6:43
72.After Midnight (original mix)by Sllash & Doppe6:19
73.Release Yourself (original mix)by Midnight City6:24
74.Movin' & Groovin' (original mix)by Sonickraft5:58
75.Hands In The Air (original mix)by Cassimm6:44

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