Glassworlds 4: On Love mp3 Album by Philip Glass; Nicolas Horvath

Glassworlds 4: On Loveby Philip Glass; Nicolas Horvath

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:07


1.The Hours: The Poet Acts3:19
2.The Hours: Morning Passages5:05
3.The Hours: Something She Has to Do2:56
4.The Hours: "For Your Own Benefit"1:54
5.The Hours: Vanessa and the Changelings1:30
6.The Hours: "I'm Going to Make a Cake"3:02
7.The Hours: An Unwelcome Friend4:16
8.The Hours: Dead Things2:49
9.The Hours: The Kiss3:36
10.The Hours: "Why Does Someone Have to Die?"3:06
11.The Hours: Tearing Herself Away3:21
12.The Hours: Escape!3:07
13.The Hours: Choosing Life3:45
14.The Hours: The Hours5:38
15.Modern Love Waltz3:31
16.Notes on a Sandal4:21
17.Music in Fifths5:51