Global DJ Broadcast Top 20: March 2020 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Global DJ Broadcast Top 20: March 2020by Various Artists

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:16


1.Bells of Planaxis (Extended Mix)by Markus Schulz7:11
2.Sonder (Extended Mix)by Daxson6:35
3.Evo (Original Mix)by Jam El Mar6:35
4.Treasures (Extended Mix)by Super8 & Tab5:11
5.Everything (Extended Mix) (and Avis Vox)by Pavel Khvaleev6:39
6.Malam (Extended Mix) (with Dennis Sheperd & Roger Shah)by Richard Durand6:32
7.Downfall (Extended Mix) (feat. Ben Lost & DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade)by Ronski Speed5:24
8.Sirens In The Sky (Extended Mix) (pres. Ocata)by Dave Neven8:07
9.Rave Culture (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)by All Living Things7:39
10.Atari's Lantern (Extended Mix)by BT7:07
11.North Star (Extended Mix)by Andretta7:36
12.Guarana (Kyau & Albert Rework)by Marc Marberg5:36
13.Cygnes (First State Extended Remix) (feat. Claud9)by Mr. Sam5:18
14.Up In Smoke (Andy Moor Extended Remix) (with Somna & Blu Eyes)by Andy Moor7:04
15.Space Howl (Extended Mix)by Anske5:10
16.Air (Dylhen Extended Remix)by Albion7:33
17.Jasmine (Protoculture Remix)by Oleg Farrier6:41
18.Slowmotion V (Extended Mix) (and Orkidea)by Solarstone7:28
19.The World (Mark Sherry Remix)by Pulp Victim3:48
20.Another Chapter (Extended Mix)by Galestian6:46
21.Life's Too Short (2009) (Original Mix) (vs. Hole In One)by Mark Norman7:16

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