Global Psychedelic Trance, Volume 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Global Psychedelic Trance, Volume 4by Various Artists

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:23:45


Disk #1

1.Electrobotby Miranda9:02
2.Dance of the Witches (Fire-Mix)by S.U.N. Project6:39
3.Frequenziesby Electric Universe8:40
4.Tsunamiby Luna Asylum8:43
5.Who's Nutty Enuff (Fruity Nutty Mix)by Space Tribe8:15
6.Del Rioby Ololiuqui5:43
7.E.X.P.Ansion (E.X.P. Mix)by Ouija7:10
8.Psychological FX (Morning Mix)by Tarsis7:49
9.Anandaby Star Sounds Orchestra8:26

Disk #2

1.Caravan O Soleby D.P.O.D.9:23
2.Energia Magicaby S.U.N. Project7:14
3.Visual Terminalby Mos Fet10:13
4.Earwaxby Patchwork8:21
5.Amphibiaby Grey Area6:12
6.Green Colouredby Shiva Chandra6:43
7.Mother Gaiaby Asura8:22
8.Holy Bharatby Hara Gobi8:14
9.Relax & Dreamby Älien Mutation8:36