Go West: Music For The Films Of Buster Keaton mp3 Soundtrack by Bill Frisell

Go West: Music For The Films Of Buster Keatonby Bill Frisell

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:23


1.Down On Luckby Bill Frisell4:10
2.Box Carby Bill Frisell1:00
3.Busy Street Sceneby Bill Frisell0:44
4.Go Westby Bill Frisell0:56
5.Trainby Bill Frisell3:12
6.Brown Eyesby Bill Frisell4:21
7.Saddle Up!by Bill Frisell2:41
8.First Aidby Bill Frisell0:52
9.Bullfightby Bill Frisell2:25
10.Wolvesby Bill Frisell3:14
11.New Dayby Bill Frisell5:27
12.Brandedby Bill Frisell1:20
13.Eatsby Bill Frisell1:13
14.Splinter Sceneby Bill Frisell2:33
15.Cattle Driveby Bill Frisell4:36
16.Card Gameby Bill Frisell5:03
17.Ambushby Bill Frisell4:02
18.Passing Through Pasadenaby Bill Frisell1:51
19.To The Streetsby Bill Frisell3:11
20.Tap Dancer And Confusionby Bill Frisell6:42
21.Devil Suitby Bill Frisell2:08
22.Cops And Firemenby Bill Frisell3:58
23.That A Boy!by Bill Frisell1:31
24.I Want Herby Bill Frisell2:13