Goa Legends, Vol.3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Goa Legends, Vol.3by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:20


1.Psychonautsby Gaudium8:17
2.Sicilian Vendetta (Pop Art remix)by Sunstryk7:25
3.Master Key (Time In Motion remix)by Yotopia7:34
4.Destination Realityby Hi Profile7:20
5.Ancient Grooveby Lyctum7:24
6.Solby Odiseo6:50
7.Nightrunner (Part 1) (and Vice)by Invisible Reality8:29
8.Illusion Of Realityby Daniel Lesden8:32
9.Mononight (and Monolock)by Argonnight8:03
10.Teatro Mental (Sideform remix)by Lupin8:07
11.Louder (Cosmonet remix)by Sesto Sento6:29
12.Declare (Atomic Pulse remix)by Ritmo7:57
13.Voyage (Didrapest, Prospect Indra remix)by Yahel7:53
14.Equinoxby Atyss7:15
15.Into The Depthsby Mechanimal7:55
16.Campingby Ferbi Boys7:06
17.Cosmogenesisby Solar Axis7:18
18.Cocktails (and Outsiders)by Audiotec7:24
19.Happy Birthday (and Didrapest)by Indra5:59
20.8 Bitby Zion Linguist7:03