Goa Trance Psychologic, Vol. 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Goa Trance Psychologic, Vol. 1by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:30:24


1.Color of Lifeby Sensifeel7:46
2.Hot Drive (Agent Kritsek Remix)by D-Vision7:25
3.Grashungerby Ismir8:03
4.Hi-Tech Bitchby Lenfred6:51
5.Magic Tripby Zighla Bashshar7:20
6.Music Is Your Religion (feat. Dr. Prog)by Blade6:58
7.Try to Stop Me (feat. Meis & Necmi)by Gonzi8:06
8.Main Streetby Slaxory7:14
9.Ancient Voicesby Azteknika8:06
10.Time Warp (Oxya Remix)by Ufo8:21
11.Everybody Crazyby Space Venom6:08
12.Brightnessby Monkeysexplosion9:12
13.Freeze Your Mindby D.E.L7:34
14.Warp Factorby Shivalayam8:06
15.Back to Nature (Ghost Particle Remix)by Mahanada7:57
16.Xox Indiaby Das Lotron4:48
17.Transmitter (and Tritech Files)by Reset5:31
18.Psy Devil Girlby Gen7:17
19.M.d.n.aby Akuaryo9:23
20.End of Lineby Shivalayam4:41
21.Doors of Perceptionby Shivalayam8:47
22.Torn Apartby Raf Fender7:04
23.Kreaturby Das Lotron6:35
24.The Matrixby Scheich RA7:11
25.Rebornby Molten7:33
26.Human Experienceby Lick N Flip8:32
27.Alien Psychosisby Vimana Shastra7:39
28.Wild Dreamsby Estec8:35
29.Vortexby Psycz6:51
30.Federation of Lightby Manjushri7:25
31.Visualsby Awaken5:10
32.Ancient Timesby Edi6:57
33.Wonderlandby Parsec & Eszx9:13
34.Noiseby Cosmic Code7:30
35.Venkmanby Midimotion8:38
36.Shangri Lalalaby Faxi Nadu9:57