GoaTrance PsyStoned, V10 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

GoaTrance PsyStoned, V10by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:09:17


1.Trance Cyberian Expressby Dusha5:34
2.Insomniaby Ascent7:23
3.Welcome To My Trip (and Owntrip)by Lupin7:49
4.Black Hole Orbitby Labyr1nth10:00
5.De La Tierraby Dekin7:38
6.Vibrationsby Electit8:47
7.The Escapeby Elepho8:10
8.Sat nam for Me, Sat Nam for You (Digital Blonde Remix)by Ovnimoon8:28
9.The Greatest Of Mysteriesby Elepho8:07
10.Time Beginsby Spectro Senses8:21
11.25 (Pulsar Remix)by Elegy7:25
12.Natural Energyby Quantik8:14
13.The Spiritby Ovnimoon8:34
14.Keep On Dreaming (Vuchur Remix)by Funky Dragon6:27
15.Spread Marburgby Sharmatix6:35
16.Going To Directby Turn The Doll8:23
17.Shinsekaiby Psynesthesist5:25
18.Life Equationby Cosmos Vibration7:27
19.Jaguarby Barby7:38
20.Evil Wordsby Random7:00
21.Musical Warby Zumbo7:31
22.Mysterious Emphasisby Shacom Delia7:27
23.Betty's Themeby Studiofreakz8:59
24.Shaped Realityby Endless Space7:44
25.PsyMonitorby Strong Drive4:11