GoaTrance: PsyStoned, V5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

GoaTrance: PsyStoned, V5by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:07:59


1.GoaTrance PsyStoned Compiled by EL-Jay, Vol. 5 (DJ Mix)by Various Artists2:00:01
2.Sognefjorden (Ambient Version)by Unusual Cosmic Process8:34
3.Connector (Rain)by Dusha3:40
4.Falling Awakeby Sirius Music9:08
5.Voice From A Distanceby Norma Project8:46
6.Mars (and Elegy)by Solar Spectrum7:59
7.From The Voidby Raindrop7:00
8.Mindwayby Shogan9:04
9.The Door Of My Soul (2010 Remix)by Ovnimoon7:54
10.Simply Beby CeZZers6:46
11.Red Pillby Sabedoria6:50
12.Landscapes Of Freedomby Cosmos Vibration7:44
13.End Creationby Triceradrops7:34
14.Depths Of Mindby Psychobass7:17
15.Eyrikiby Material Music6:53
16.Ancient Ruinsby Cognitive Control7:42
17.Blue Eagle (Psilocybian Remix)by Neon Noodle6:49
18.Project Plutonby Kalilaskov AS6:18
19.Suspended Animationby Andyflip8:25
20.Lord Of The Labyrinthby Neogenia8:54
21.Only Dead Fish Go With Flowby AcidProjekt7:54
22.Abductionby Komfuzium9:13
23.Do You See Me Nowby Psynyde9:43
24.C4by Meteor Burn8:13
25.Satanic666Shuffleby AcidProjekt9:38