Going Down South mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Going Down Southby Various Artists

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:45


1.Going Down Southby R.L. Burnside4:22
2.Miss Maybelleby Ranie Burnette5:06
3.So Many Cold Morningsby Johnny Woods3:28
4.Going Away Bluesby R.L. Burnside4:13
5.Can't Be Satisfiedby R.L. Burnside3:33
6.One String Babyby Ranie Burnette3:18
7.Hungry Spellby Ranie Burnette4:16
8.Going Up the Countryby Johnny Woods2:09
9.My Jack Don't Drink No Waterby Johnny Woods5:40
10.Stack O'Lee and Billy Lyonsby R.L. Burnside5:01
11.Walking Bluesby R.L. Burnside3:23
12.Coal Black Mattieby Ranie Burnette4:45
13.She's Loving Another Manby Johnny Woods2:51
14.Lonesome Moon Bluesby Ranie Burnette4:01
15.Suzanna Bluesby Johnny Woods4:39