Goresoaked Collection Of Slam Killed Craniums mp3 Album by Red Mist

Goresoaked Collection Of Slam Killed Craniumsby Red Mist

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 33:29


1.Decapitated and Displayed3:24
2.Dismembered With Cutlery2:39
3.Pool Drain Disembowelment2:39
4.Chainsaw Liposuction2:30
5.Polyappendage Body Bifurication2:08
6.Goresoaked Collection of Slam Killed Craniums4:27
7.Cephalic Engorgement2:17
8.Gastrointestinal Invertebrate Infestation2:33
9.Fetal Flesh Shake2:36
10.Post Mortem Flesh Feast4:08
11.Human Flesh Hoarder4:08