Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 21: Alfred Cortot II mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 21: Alfred Cortot IIby Various Artists

  • 49 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:49


Disk #1

1.Prelude, Choral et Fugue - Preludeby César Franck4:40
2.Prelude, Choral et Fugue - Choralby César Franck5:46
3.Prelude, Choral et Fugue - Fugueby César Franck6:46
4.Prelude, Aria et Final - Preludeby César Franck8:40
5.Prelude, Aria et Final - Ariaby César Franck5:52
6.Prelude, Aria et Final - Finalby César Franck6:38
7.Variations Symphoniques - Alfred Cortotby César Franck14:27
8.Piano Concerto No. 4 in C minor, Op. 44: Ia. Allegro moderatoby Camille Saint-Saëns4:06
9.Piano Concerto No. 4 in C minor, Op. 44: Ib. Andanteby Camille Saint-Saëns7:42
10.Piano Concerto No. 4 in C minor, Op. 44: II. Allegro vivace - Antanteby Camille Saint-Saëns13:09

Disk #2

1.Preludes, Op. 28 No.1 in Cby Frédéric Chopin0:40
2.Preludes, Op. 28 No.2 in A minorby Frédéric Chopin2:17
3.Preludes, Op. 28 No.3 in Gby Frédéric Chopin0:59
4.Preludes, Op. 28 No.4 in E minorby Frédéric Chopin1:49
5.Preludes, Op. 28 No.5 in Dby Frédéric Chopin0:37
6.Preludes, Op. 28 No.6 in B minorby Frédéric Chopin1:51
7.Preludes, Op. 28 No.7 in Aby Frédéric Chopin0:38
8.Preludes, Op. 28 No.8 in F sharp minorby Frédéric Chopin1:41
9.Preludes, Op. 28 No.9 in Eby Frédéric Chopin1:14
10.Preludes, Op. 28 No.10 in C sharp minorby Frédéric Chopin0:31
11.Preludes, Op. 28 No.11 in Bby Frédéric Chopin0:31
12.Preludes, Op. 28 No.12 in G sharp minorby Frédéric Chopin1:07
13.Preludes, Op. 28 No.13 in F sharpby Frédéric Chopin2:33
14.Preludes, Op. 28 No.14 in E flat minorby Frédéric Chopin0:32
15.Preludes, Op. 28 No.15 in D flat Raindropby Frédéric Chopin4:45
16.Preludes, Op. 28 No.16 in B flat minorby Frédéric Chopin1:02
17.Preludes, Op. 28 No.17 in A flatby Frédéric Chopin2:38
18.Preludes, Op. 28 No.18 in F minorby Frédéric Chopin0:47
19.Preludes, Op. 28 No.19 in E flatby Frédéric Chopin1:16
20.Preludes, Op. 28 No.20 in C minorby Frédéric Chopin1:25
21.Preludes, Op. 28 No.21 in B flatby Frédéric Chopin1:38
22.Preludes, Op. 28 No.22 in G minorby Frédéric Chopin0:46
23.Preludes, Op. 28 No.23 in Fby Frédéric Chopin0:42
24.Preludes, Op. 28 No.24 in D minorby Frédéric Chopin2:36
25.Sonatine, Modereby Maurice Ravel4:07
26.Sonatine, Mouvement de menuetby Maurice Ravel2:44
27.Sonatine, Animeby Maurice Ravel3:38
28.Preludes, Book 1, Danseuses de Delphesby Claude Debussy2:46
29.Preludes (book 1). Voilesby Claude Debussy2:46
30.Preludes, Book 1, Le vent dans la plaineby Claude Debussy2:01
31.Preludes, Book 1, Les sons et les parfums tournentby Claude Debussy2:35
32.Preludes, Book 1, Les collines d'Anacapriby Claude Debussy2:47
33.Preludes, Book 1, Des pas sur la neigeby Claude Debussy3:00
34.Preludes, Book 1, Ce qu'a vu le vent d'Ouestby Claude Debussy3:14
35.Preludes, Book 1, La fille au cheveux de linby Claude Debussy1:48
36.Preludes, Book 1, La serenade interrompueby Claude Debussy2:12
37.Preludes, Book 1, La cathedrale engloutieby Claude Debussy4:32
38.Preludes, Book 1, La danse de Puckby Claude Debussy2:23
39.Preludes, Book 1, Minstrelsby Claude Debussy1:55