Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 33: Walter Gieseking II mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 33: Walter Gieseking IIby Various Artists

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:33


Disk #1

1.Preludes, Book I: Danseuses de Delphesby Claude Debussy2:57
2.Preludes, Book I: Voilesby Claude Debussy2:47
3.Preludes, Book I: Le vent dans la plaineby Claude Debussy2:01
4.Preludes, Book I: Les sons et les parfums tournentby Claude Debussy3:13
5.Preludes, Book I: Les collines d'Anacapriby Claude Debussy2:38
6.Preludes, Book I: Des pas sur la neigeby Claude Debussy2:56
7.Preludes, Book I: Ce qu'a vu le vent d'Ouestby Claude Debussy2:35
8.Preludes, Book I: La fille au cheveux de linby Claude Debussy2:08
9.Preludes, Book I: La serenade interrompueby Claude Debussy2:09
10.Preludes, Book I: La cathedrale engloutieby Claude Debussy6:00
11.Preludes, Book I: La danse de Puckby Claude Debussy2:09
12.Preludes, Book I: Minstrelsby Claude Debussy2:01
13.Preludes, Book II: Brouillardsby Claude Debussy2:33
14.Preludes, Book II: Feuilles mortesby Claude Debussy3:09
15.Preludes, Book II: La Puerta del Vinoby Claude Debussy3:03
16.Preludes, Book II: Les Fees sont d'exquisesby Claude Debussy2:38
17.Preludes, Book II: Bruyeresby Claude Debussy2:35
18.Preludes, Book II: General Lavine - eccentricby Claude Debussy2:34
19.Preludes, Book II: La terrasse des audiencesby Claude Debussy3:33
20.Preludes, Book II: Ondineby Claude Debussy2:50
21.Preludes, Book II: Hommage a Samuel Pickwickby Claude Debussy2:09
22.Preludes, Book II: Canopeby Claude Debussy2:43
23.Preludes, Book II: Les tierces alterneesby Claude Debussy2:23
24.Preludes, Book II: Feux d'artificeby Claude Debussy3:29
25.Estampes: Pagodesby Claude Debussy3:55
26.Estampes: Soiree dans Grenadeby Claude Debussy4:12
27.Estampes: Jardins sous la pluieby Claude Debussy3:15

Disk #2

1.Piano Sonata in C minor, KV 457: Molto allegroby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:10
2.Piano Sonata in C minor, KV 457: Adagioby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart7:25
3.Piano Sonata in C minor, KV 457: Allegro assaiby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:31
4.Piano Sonata in C, op. 53 'Waldstein': Allegro con brioby Ludwig van Beethoven7:24
5.Piano Sonata in C, op. 53 'Waldstein': Introduzione: Adagio moltoby Ludwig van Beethoven3:12
6.Piano Sonata in C, op. 53 'Waldstein': Rondo: Allegretto moderatoby Ludwig van Beethoven8:23
7.Piano Sonata in F minor, op. 57 'Appassionata': Allegro assaiby Ludwig van Beethoven8:27
8.Piano Sonata in F minor, op. 57 'Appassionata': Andante con motoby Ludwig van Beethoven6:46
9.Piano Sonata in F minor, op. 57 'Appassionata': Allegroby Ludwig van Beethoven6:54
10.Gaspard de la nuit: Ondineby Maurice Ravel5:01
11.Gaspard de la nuit: Le gibetby Maurice Ravel4:41
12.Gaspard de la nuit: Scarboby Maurice Ravel8:04