Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 39: Glenn Gould mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 39: Glenn Gouldby Various Artists

  • 46 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:39


Disk #1

1.First Pavan and Galliard: Pavanby William Byrd4:45
2.First Pavan and Galliard: Galliardby William Byrd2:32
3.Fantasy in Cby Orlando Gibbons3:37
4.Allemande (Italian Ground)by Orlando Gibbons2:00
5.Hughe Ashton's Groundby William Byrd9:58
6.Sixth Pavan and Galliard: Pavanby William Byrd3:38
7.Sixth Pavan and Galliard: Galliardby William Byrd1:44
8."Lord of Salisbury" Pavan and Galliard: Pavanby Orlando Gibbons4:05
9."Lord of Salisbury" Pavan and Galliard: Galliardby Orlando Gibbons1:50
10.A Voluntaryby William Byrd3:36
11.Sellinger's Roundby William Byrd5:47
12.Sonata in D, K. 430 (L. 463)by Domenico Scarlatti1:47
13.Sonata in D minor, K. 9 (L. 413)by Domenico Scarlatti1:50
14.Sonata in G, K. 13 (L. 413)by Domenico Scarlatti2:28
15.Fantasia (Prelude) and Fugue in C, KV 394: Adagioby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:15
16.Fantasia (Prelude) and Fugue in C, KV 394: Fuga. Andanteby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart3:10
17.Sonata in E-flat, Hob. XVI:49: Allegroby Joseph Haydn4:26
18.Sonata in E-flat, Hob. XVI:49: Adagio e cantabileby Joseph Haydn8:44
19.Sonata in E-flat, Hob. XVI:49: Finale. Tempo di Menuetby Joseph Haydn4:45

Disk #2

1.Variation Chromatique 1by Georges Bizet1:08
2.Variation Chromatique 2by Georges Bizet0:53
3.Variation Chromatique 3by Georges Bizet0:45
4.Variation Chromatique 4by Georges Bizet0:38
5.Variation Chromatique 5by Georges Bizet0:31
6.Variation Chromatique 6by Georges Bizet0:44
7.Variation Chromatique 7by Georges Bizet0:49
8.Variation Chromatique 8by Georges Bizet0:51
9.Variation Chromatique 9by Georges Bizet0:47
10.Variation Chromatique 10by Georges Bizet0:34
11.Variation Chromatique 11by Georges Bizet0:32
12.Variation Chromatique 12by Georges Bizet0:56
13.Variation Chromatique 13by Georges Bizet0:40
14.Variation Chromatique 14by Georges Bizet0:47
15.Variation Chromatique 15by Georges Bizet0:45
16.Variation Chromatique 16by Georges Bizet2:57
17.Five Piano Pieces, op. 3: I. Andanteby Richard Strauss5:46
18.Five Piano Pieces, op. 3: II. Allegro vivace scherzandoby Richard Strauss3:06
19.Five Piano Pieces, op. 3: III. Largoby Richard Strauss10:20
20.Five Piano Pieces, op. 3: IV. Allegro moltoby Richard Strauss3:31
21.Five Piano Pieces, op. 3: V. Allegro marcatissimoby Richard Strauss5:37
22.2 morceaux, op. 57: Désirby Alexander Scriabin1:58
23.2 morceaux, op. 57: Caresse danséeby Alexander Scriabin2:38
24.Piano Sonata, op. 1. Mäßig bewegtby Alban Berg13:07
25.Piano Sonata no. 7, op. 83: Allegro inquieto - Andantinoby Sergei Prokofiev8:22
26.Piano Sonata no. 7, op. 83: Andante calorosoby Sergei Prokofiev7:37
27.Piano Sonata no. 7, op. 83: Precipitatoby Sergei Prokofiev3:23