Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 67: Nikita Magaloff mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 67: Nikita Magaloffby Various Artists

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:36


Disk #1

1.Piano Sonata in C, Hob. XVI:48: 1. Andante con espressioneby Joseph Haydn6:12
2.Piano Sonata in C, Hob. XVI:48: 2. Rondo, Prestoby Joseph Haydn4:07
3.Nocturnes: in B-flat minor, op. 9 no. 1by Fryderyk Chopin6:51
4.Nocturnes: in E-flat, op. 9 no. 2by Fryderyk Chopin4:42
5.Nocturnes: in B, op. 9 no. 3by Fryderyk Chopin6:56
6.6 Grandes etudes d'apres Paganini: Tremoloby Franz Liszt4:26
7.6 Grandes etudes d'apres Paganini: Octavesby Franz Liszt4:11
8.6 Grandes etudes d'apres Paganini: La Campanellaby Franz Liszt4:42
9.6 Grandes etudes d'apres Paganini: Arpeggioby Franz Liszt2:06
10.6 Grandes etudes d'apres Paganini: La Chasseby Franz Liszt2:58
11.6 Grandes etudes d'apres Paganini: Theme et variationsby Franz Liszt5:20
12.Carnaval, op. 9: 1. Preambuleby Robert Schumann2:13
13.Carnaval, op. 9: 2. Pierrotby Robert Schumann1:09
14.Carnaval, op. 9: 3. Arlequinby Robert Schumann0:59
15.Carnaval, op. 9: 4. Valse nobleby Robert Schumann1:07
16.Carnaval, op. 9: 5. Eusebiusby Robert Schumann1:37
17.Carnaval, op. 9: 6. Florestanby Robert Schumann0:56
18.Carnaval, op. 9: 7. Coquetteby Robert Schumann1:21
19.Carnaval, op. 9: 8. Replique - Sphinxesby Robert Schumann0:47
20.Carnaval, op. 9: 9. Papillonsby Robert Schumann0:48
21.Carnaval, op. 9: 10. A.S.C.H. - S.C.H.A. (Lettres dansantes)by Robert Schumann0:54
22.Carnaval, op. 9: 11. Chiarinaby Robert Schumann1:17
23.Carnaval, op. 9: 12. Chopinby Robert Schumann1:22
24.Carnaval, op. 9: 13. Estrellaby Robert Schumann0:28
25.Carnaval, op. 9: 14. Reconnaissanceby Robert Schumann1:46
26.Carnaval, op. 9: 15. Pantalon et Colombineby Robert Schumann0:51
27.Carnaval, op. 9: 16. Valse allemande - Intermezzo: Paganiniby Robert Schumann2:01
28.Carnaval, op. 9: 17. Aveuby Robert Schumann0:54
29.Carnaval, op. 9: 18. Promenadeby Robert Schumann1:49
30.Carnaval, op. 9: 19. Pauseby Robert Schumann0:18
31.Carnaval, op. 9: 20. Marche des 'Davidsbundler' contre les Philistinsby Robert Schumann3:44

Disk #2

1.Bolero in C, op. 19by Fryderyk Chopin7:45
2.Piano Sonata no. 1 in C minor, op. 4: 1. Allegro maestosoby Fryderyk Chopin6:46
3.Piano Sonata no. 1 in C minor, op. 4: 2. Minuetto. Allegrettoby Fryderyk Chopin5:20
4.Piano Sonata no. 1 in C minor, op. 4: 3. Larghettoby Fryderyk Chopin3:42
5.Piano Sonata no. 1 in C minor, op. 4: 4. Finale. Prestoby Fryderyk Chopin6:56
6.Tarantelle in A-flat, op. 43by Fryderyk Chopin3:08
7.Mazurka in B-flat, op. 17 no. 1by Fryderyk Chopin2:20
8.Mazurka in E minor, op. 17 no. 2by Fryderyk Chopin1:59
9.Mazurka in A-flat, op. 17 no. 3by Fryderyk Chopin3:28
10.Mazurka in A minor, op. 17 no. 4by Fryderyk Chopin4:13
11.Rondo a la Mazur in F, op. 5by Fryderyk Chopin8:42
12.Variations brillantes, op. 12by Fryderyk Chopin8:00
13.Allegro de Concert in A, op. 46by Fryderyk Chopin0:53
14.Ecossaise no. 1 in D, op. 72 no. 3by Fryderyk Chopin0:37
15.Ecossaise no. 2 in G, op. 72 no. 4by Fryderyk Chopin0:41
16.Ecossaise no. 3 in D-flat, op. 72 no. 5by Fryderyk Chopin12:14