Greatest Hits & Remixes mp3 Artist Compilation by Martinelli

Greatest Hits & Remixesby Martinelli

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:06:24


Disk #1

1.Voice In The Night (Vocal Radio)4:04
2.Cenerentola (Cinderella) (Vocal Radio)3:55
3.O. Express (Vocal Radio)3:46
4.Revolution (Vocal Radio)4:10
5.Victoria (Vocal Radio)4:21
6.Voice In The Night (Radio Instrumental)3:38
7.Lovers Forever (Vocal Radio)3:45
8.Cenerentola (Cinderella) Remix (Vocal Radio)3:58
9.Revolution (Radio Instrumental)4:05
10.O. Express (Vocal B Radio)4:07
11.Victoria (Radio Instrumental)3:51
12.Summer Lovers (Vocal Radio)3:44

Disk #2

1.Cenerentola (Cinderella) (Vocal Extended)7:56
2.Voice In The Night (Vocal Extended)8:39
3.Lovers Forever (Vocal Extended)5:27
4.Revolution (Vocal Extended)8:12
5.O. Express (Vocal Extended)6:40
6.Cenerentola (Cinderella) Remix (Vocal Extended)7:55
7.Victoria (Vocal Extended)6:49
8.Voice In The Night (Instrumental)7:38
9.O. Express (Vocal B Extended)6:55
10.Summer Lovers (Vocal Extended)5:59
11.Cenerentola (Cinderella) (Instrumental)6:50