Greatest Hits - The Ultimate mp3 Artist Compilation by Bon Jovi

Greatest Hits - The Ultimateby Bon Jovi

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:22:30


Disk #1

1.Livin' On A Prayer4:11
2.You Give Love A Bad Name3:43
3.It'S My Life3:45
4.Have A Nice Day3:49
5.Wanted Dead Or Alive5:09
6.Bad Medicine5:17
7.We Weren't Born To Follow4:04
8.I'Ll Be There For You5:46
9.Born To Be My Baby4:40
10.Bed Of Roses6:36
11.Who Says You Can't Go Home4:40
12.Lay Your Hands On Me3:49
14.In These Arms5:19
15.What Do You Got?3:47
16.No Apologies3:45

Disk #2

2.Someday I'Ll Be Saturday Night4:39
3.Lost Highway4:14
4.I'Ll Sleep When I'M Dead4:42
5.In And Out Of Love4:26
6.Keep The Faith5:43
7.When We Were Beautiful5:18
8.Blaze Of Glory5:39
9.This Ain't A Love Song5:06
10.These Days6:27
11.(You Want To) Make A Memory4:37
12.Blood On Blood6:16
13.This Is Love This Is Life3:25
14.The More Things Change3:53
Jon Bon Jovi and the gang are legends in rock. For over 25 years, there songs have stood the test of time. Jon's voice is unmistakable and Richie Sambora's guitar playing is impeccable. That's why they are legendary rockers.From there first hit "Runaway" to more recent songs such as "Have A Nice Day", shows their ability to make hit after hit. I was a teenager when they hit the airwaves and I'm impressed to hear that my now teenage daughter knows who Bon Jovi is ( from Guitar Hero) and she likes them as well.
After the strong beginning with "Livin'On A Prayer" and "You Give Love A Bad Name", both with excellent sound full of pressure, the record with track flattens 3 „It's micron of live“ suddenly clearly. The song, which how many titles the volume, in the category is easier to be arranged, but successful "hard rock hit" bobs up and down in the relatively tasteless sound garment so there. Does it lie in the original admission or missing Re-mast's ring? Also the next tracks like "Have A Nice Day" or "Wanted Dead Or Alive" cause lack of freshness and of Spritzigkeit for the today's time. Voucher Jovi „Greatest of hits“ works, how „sometimes so just fixed put together“ – and ready.

With "What Do You Got" and "Apologies" there are to the rounding-off two new songs which join seemlessly on the repertoire, however, no new accents place. "What Do You Got" is a voucher Jovi ballad, how many other also, a song him the tape in usual quality expertly herunterspult. "No Apologies" slips after the promising beginning and increase in a floppy and rather dull Mitstampf refrain. This is a 08/15 music of the pole, unfortunately, no more. Who is contented, however, with computable plain fare, is served here professionally.

Otherwise the album for long-standing music listeners might show a rather superfluous product. Younger rock fan and pop fans who have an eye to get to know the tape are certainly better supplied at the middle of the eighties appeared album "Slippery When Wet".