GunWings: A Barrel For Feathers Redux mp3 Album by Sapient

GunWings: A Barrel For Feathers Reduxby Sapient

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:52


1.Barrels for Feathers Redux3:19
2.Clouds Clear Redux3:14
3.Find Home Redux3:21
4.Glorious Day Redux (and Luckyiam)3:35
5.One of the Many Ways Redux (and LMNO)4:00
6.Hours Redux3:00
7.Playdough Redux (and Illmaculate)3:23
8.Beauty in the Filth Redux (Eligh & Josh Martinez)4:08
9.Stronger Redux3:10
10.Diamond Snares Redux2:52
11.Shoot for the Ground Redux (and Pigeon John)3:40
12.Universal Diorama Redux2:53
13.Grown Up Redux3:17