Hall Of Flames mp3 Artist Compilation by Edguy

Hall Of Flamesby Edguy

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:55:47


1.Tears Of A Mandrake (Single)5:00
3.Out Of Control5:03
4.The Headless Game5:27
5.Scarlet Rose5:10
6.Nailed To The Wheel5:40
7.Vain Glory Opera6:08
8.Theater Of Salvation12:25
9.Key To My Fate4:31
11.Land Of The Miracle6:30
12.Until We Rise Again4:27
13.The Unbeliever5:47
14.The Devil & The Savant5:27
15.Wings Of A Dream (2001)5:03
16.For A Trace Of Life4:09
17.But Here I Am4:33
18.La Marche Des Gendarmes2:46
19.Avantasia (Live)5:27
20.Walk On Fighting (Live)5:19
21.Wake Up The King (Live)6:15