Halloween Party 2022 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Halloween Party 2022by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:56:56


1.I Like To Move It (Extended Mix)by FLGTT3:47
2.Died In Your Arms (Giga Dance Remix)by Global Rockerz & Michael Reynaldo3:39
3.Move It (Extended Mix)by Turbotronic3:54
4.Toxic Love (Extended Mix)by Rene Rodrigezz, Pasc & Patricia Starlight3:26
5.Rave (Extended Mix)by Marchel & Alex Hart3:50
6.Runaway (Andrw Madnss Remix)by Facelezz & Maarten Van Larsen3:19
7.Bella Ciao (Extended Mix)by FLGTT3:32
8.Play Your Trump (Extended Mix)by Matthew Bee3:54
9.Boombox (Extended Mix)by Turbotronic3:54
10.Hey Mamacita (Extended Mix)by Geo Da Silva & Stephan F3:55
11.Around The World (Extended Mix)by Stephan F, Tony T & Alba Kras3:36
12.Supernova (Extended Mix)by Alan Feik & AcexSpade4:17
13.Feel The Vibe (Extended Mix)by Turbotronic4:01
14.Like This (Extended Mix)by Yellow Is The New White & FRG3:59
15.Take Me Away (Extended Mix)by Xander Ace4:27
16.Sunglasses At Night (Extended Mix)by Rene Rodrigezz & Yellow Is The New White4:32
17.Future Dream (Extended Mix)by Stephan F, Jordi Duro & MB Fonts4:02
18.Losing Control (Extended Mix)by Nik Finn3:46
19.Somebody (Extended Mix)by Turbotronic4:44
20.Red Light, Green Light (Squid Bounce) (Extended Mix)by FLGTT3:47
21.Beautiful Life (Extended Mix)by DJ Lucian & Geo4:03
22.Honey Sunny (Extended Mix)by Geo Da Silva & Stephan F3:51
23.Insomnia (Extended Mix)by FLGTT3:47
24.Pump Pump (Extended Mix)by Turbotronic3:56
25.Close To You (Extended Mix)by Geo Da Silva & Dani Corbalan3:11
26.Be With You (Extended Mix)by Geo Da Silva & Alpha Squad3:51
27.Dark Runaway (Extended Mix)by AcexSpade4:19
28.Eyes On Me (Festival Mix) (feat. Next Route, Larisa Sirbu)by Sean Norvis, DJ Lucian & Geo3:52
29.Bad Intentions (Extended Mix)by Paul End3:51
30.I Feel It (Extended Mix)by El DaMieN & DJ Combo3:54