Handmade Cities mp3 Album by Plini

Handmade Citiesby Plini

  • 7 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 34:40


1.Electric Sunrise5:05
2.Handmade Cities4:45
4.Every Piece Matters3:40
6.Here We Are, Again2:38
Gary Sackman
Plini has long been making waves in progressive instrumental music. This album finally gives him a full-length album to display his talents on, and they are plenty in their making.

Let's start by stating the obvious - the production on this album is amazing. The mix is perfect, the clarity on the drums makes the speakers purr, and the tones on the guitar are as expressive and gorgeously crafted as Plini's endless riffs.

Electric Sunrise starts beautifully and returns to a central core riff, with amazing harmonies - a common theme of all Plini work.

Every Piece Matters is probably the standout track on the album, and perfectly showcases what this album is all about - beautiful, interesting, happy prog rock.

A must for all guitar-music fans.