Hansen Worx mp3 Artist Compilation by Hansen & Friends

Hansen Worxby Hansen & Friends

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:09


1.Ride The Sky (Helloween)5:58
2.I Want Out (Helloween)4:42
3.Heaven Can Wait (Gamma Ray)4:28
4.Who Do You Think You Are? (Gamma Ray)5:08
5.Rich & Famous (Gamma Ray)4:37
6.Tribute To The Past (Gamma Ray)5:04
7.Time To Break Free (Gamma Ray)4:41
8.Somewhere Out In Space (Gamma Ray)5:29
9.Valhalla (Blind Guardian)5:01
10.The Quest For Tanelorn (Blind Guardian)5:55
11.Rising Sun (Heavens Gate)3:30
12.Never Understand (Angra)7:50
13.New Horizons (Michael Kiske)4:24
14.Watcher In The Sky (Iron Savior)5:22