Happy 2b Hardcore: Chapter Two mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Happy 2b Hardcore: Chapter Twoby Various Artists

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:04


1.Crowd Controlby Ramos & Supreme5:38
2.Killerby Demo & Sy3:57
3.Eternityby Jimmy J & Justin Time & Jenka4:20
4.Timeby Vinylgroover5:05
5.You're Mineby DJ Demo5:15
6.Cloudy Dazeby Bang!4:32
7.12" of Loveby Sy & Eruption3:45
8.I Feel You (feat. Martina)by DJ Fade4:08
9.Natural High (feat. Unknown)by DJ Codeine4:09
10.Kick Your Legs (feat. Breeze)by DNA4:20
11.See the Light (feat. Lenny & DJ Trixxy)by Brisk4:38
12.Big Up the Bassby Blitz & Blaze3:32
13.Sweet in Pocket '97by Justin Time4:32
14.Get Into Loveby Antisocial4:49
15.People's Party (feat. Sunset Regime)by Hixxy5:09
16.Keep on Trying (feat. Alchemist)by Fade5:15