Hard Luck Stories 1972 - 1982 mp3 Artist Compilation by Richard & Linda Thompson

Hard Luck Stories 1972 - 1982by Richard & Linda Thompson

  • 113 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:08:33


Disk #1

1.Sweet Little Rock and Roller [Alternate Version Previously Unreleased] [The Bunch]3:49
2.The Locomotion [The Bunch]3:03
3.My Girl In The Month of May [The Bunch]2:14
4.When Will I Be Loved [Demo] [The Bunch]3:18
5.Amazon Queen [Previously Unreleased] [Richard Thompson]3:59
6.Shaky Nancy [Richard Thompson]3:29
7.The Angels Took My Racehorse Away [Richard Thompson]4:02
8.Embroidered Butterflies [Brian Patten]3:17
9.After Frost [Brian Patten]1:58
10.Sometimes It Happens [Demo]2:07
11.Restless Boy4:17
12.The World Is A Beautiful Place3:30
13.Shady Lies [Live at London University College, 25/10/1972]2:23
14.Napoleon's Dream [Live at London University College, 25/10/1972]2:02

Disk #2

1.When I Get To The Border3:26
2.The Calvary Cross3:52
3.Withered and Died3:26
4.I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight3:08
5.Down Where The Drunkards Roll4:06
6.We Sing Hallelujah2:52
7.Has He Got A Friend For Me?3:33
8.The Little Beggar Girl3:26
9.The End Of The Rainbow3:56
10.The Great Valerio5:23
11.Mother and Son [Previously Unreleased]2:21
12.Down Where The Drunkards Roll [Demo / Previously Unreleased]4:05
13.The End Of The Rainbow [Linda Vocal Version / Previously Unreleased]3:58
14.A Heart Needs A Home [Previously Unreleased]3:58
15.The Great Valerio [Live At The Rainbow UK, 16/03/1975]5:17

Disk #3

1.Hokey Pokey Song (The Ice Cream Song)3:23
2.I'll Regret It All In The Morning3:36
3.Smiffy's Glass Eye2:53
4.Egypt Room3:53
5.Never Again3:08
6.Georgie On A Spree3:41
7.Old Man Inside A Young Man4:26
8.The Sun Never Shines On The Poor3:41
9.A Heart Needs A Home3:48
10.Mole In A Hole3:26
11.Hokey Pokey [Live On Marc Time / Previously Unreleased]3:14
12.A Heart Needs A Home[Alternate Version]4:04

Disk #4

1.Streets of Paradise4:18
2.For Shame Of Doing Wrong4:43
3.The Poor Boy Is Taken Away3:35
4.Night Comes In8:12
5.Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair2:49
6.Beat The Retreat5:53
7.Hard Luck Stories3:52
8.Dimming Of The Day / Dargai7:21
9.Wanted Man [Previously Unreleased]5:35
10.Last Chance [Previously Unreleased]3:42
11.Diming Of The Day [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]3:52
12.Things You Gave Me [Live at Oxford Polytechnic, 27/11/1975]2:35
13.It'll Be Me [Live at Oxford Polytechnic, 27/11/1975]4:24
14.Calvary Cross [Live at Oxford Polytechnic, 27/11/1975]13:25

Disk #5

1.Dargai [Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975]3:33
2.Never Again [Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975]3:07
3.Dark End Of The Street [Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975]4:20
4.Beat The Retreat - [Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975]6:25
5.The Sun Never Shines On The Poor [Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 25/04/1975]3:48
6.If I Were A Woman and You Were A Man [Live At Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977]2:55
7.The Madness of Love [Live At Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977]7:01
8.Night Comes In [Live At Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977]12:53
9.A Bird In Gods Garden [Live At Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977]9:34
10.The King of Love [Live At Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977]6:55
11.Layla [Live At Theatre Royal, London, 01/05 1977]8:48

Disk #6

1.Restless Highway3:58
2.Sweet Surrender4:53
3.Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart4:43
4.The Choice Wife2:07
5.Died For Love7:02
6.Strange Affair3:09
9.House of Card3:31
10.First Light4:22
11.Strange Affair [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]4:10
12.Drunk [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]2:15
13.The Dust Of Your Road [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]2:33
14.Layla [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]4:39
15.Died For Love [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]4:48
16.First Light [Demo version]4:04

Disk #7

2.Borrowed Time5:35
3.Saturday Rolling Around3:24
4.You're Going To Need Somebody3:48
5.Why Do You Turn Your Back ?5:09
7.Lonely Hearts5:05
9.Justice In The Streets4:00
10.Traces Of My Love4:06
11.Georgie On A Spree [7" Single Version]3:29
12.Lucky In Life [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]2:42
13.Speechless Child [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]4:18
14.Traces of My Love [Demo Version / Previously Unreleased]4:33
15.For Shame Of Doing Wrong [Gerry Rafferty Version]4:17
16.The Wrong Heartbeat [Gerry Rafferty Version]3:10
17.Back Street Slide [Gerry Rafferty Version]4:27

Disk #8

1.Don't Renege On Our Love4:18
2.Walking On A Wire5:27
3.A Man In Need3:35
4.Just The Motion6:17
5.Shoot Out The Lights5:22
6.Back Street Slide4:32
7.Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?4:49
8.Wall of Death3:44
9.Living In Luxury [7" B-Side Version]2:32
10.The Wrong Heartbeat [Shoot Out The Lights Version]3:21
11.I'm A Dreamer [Gerry Rafferty Seesion / 1996 Remix]4:10
12.Walking On A Wire [Gerry Rafferty Session / 1996 Remix]5:13
13.Pavanne [Live At 2nd Story, Bloomington, Indiana 29/5/1982 /Previously Unreleased]5:39
14.High School Confidential [Live At 2nd Story, Bloomington, Indiana 29/5/1982 / Previously Unreleased]4:30