Hard Trance Anthems: Volume 6 by Various Artists

Hard Trance Anthems: Volume 6

by Various Artists

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:55:07


1.Adrift (original mix)by Venetica7:09
2.State Of Mind (feat Emily Underhill - Clayfacer remix)by Cally D6:35
3.Pure Feeling (original mix) (and Sharad)by Cryptix6:15
4.Self Destruct (T Factor & Costa Pantazis remix) (and Chrysus)by Kym Ayres7:00
5.Tempus Fugit (The Abduction) (original mix)by Lights Of Saratoga8:39
6.Einfall (Rossco remix)by Sunlake8:36
7.Rhythmicon (original mix) (and Hypothermiac)by Criostasis7:56
8.Space Ride (C&D Project remix)by The Sixth Sense7:28
9.Interstellar (original mix) (and Criostasis)by NG Rezonance7:04
10.Seduction (original mix)by Arkett Spyndl7:00
11.Not Long Now (David McRae remix)by Trevor Dans8:40
12.The Focus (original mix)by Burak Harsitlioglu8:46
13.Order77 (Clayfacer remix)by Quade777:36
14.Truth (original mix)by DUi8:49
15.Sinners (David Ding remix)by NG Rezonance7:34