HardBase.FM, Volume 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

HardBase.FM, Volume 2by Various Artists

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:29:11


Disk #1

1.Bang The Bass (and Brennan Heart)by DJ Zany4:39
2.Goldby Max Enforcer4:07
3.Music Is (and Stephanie)by Tuneboy4:48
4.Huhby Wildstylez5:25
5.Dresspunkby DJ Stephanie3:28
6.Mysteryby Deepack4:35
7.Discorecordby Frontliner2:43
8.Stardust (and Wildstylez)by Noisecontrollers4:38
9.A Decate Of Dedication (vs. Villain & MC DV8)by D-Block & S-Te-Fan5:27
10.Can't Failby Toneshifterz3:23
11.Down With The Hardstyle (Credible Mix) (and Wildstylez)by Headhunterz4:32
12.Come As One (Brennan Heart Remix) (and The Viper)by G-Town Madness4:41
13.Speed Of Sound (vs. D-Block & S-Te-Fan)by Isaac4:29
14.Irreplaceableby Zatox3:35
15.Delay Distortionby Wildstylez4:38
16.Oldskool (and DJ Zany)by Zatox3:51
17.This is Who We Are (feat. Slim Shore)by The Pitcher2:05
18.Club Bizarre (Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers Remix)by DJ Zany6:37

Disk #2

1.Modifiedby Second Identity3:37
2.Give It Upby Noisecontrollers1:57
3.Distorted Deviceby Second Identity3:01
4.We Are The Futureby Toneshifterz2:54
5.Omniverseby Scope DJ3:04
6.Atlantisby Second Identity3:40
7.Endless Flightby A-Lusion3:28
8.Be As Oneby Waverider5:26
9.Rockin' Ur Mindby D-Block & S-Te-Fan4:13
10.Back 2 Basicsby Wildstylez4:16
11.Call & Answerby A-Lusion3:04
12.Make It Loud (Headhunterz Remix)by Blutonium Boy3:29
13.Wave Patternby Scope DJ3:24
14.Can't Hold Us Back (feat. Sara Mariah)by Zatox3:55
15.A Different Story (and Noisecontrollers)by Wildstylez3:54
16.The Reason (ferat. MC Chucky)by Second Identity3:51
17.Bangrindin' (Noisecontrollers Remix)by The Pitcher2:33
18.Be On Your Way (A-Lusion Remix)by DJ Zany3:07
19.God Of The Underworldby Second Identity2:42
20.Musical Analysisby B-Front2:45
21.Good & Evilby Frontliner3:10