HardBase.FM, Volume 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

HardBase.FM, Volume 6by Various Artists

  • 75 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:52:12


Disk #1

1.Everlastingby Devin Wild3:47
2.Brokenby Sylence1:29
3.WE R ONE (feat. Melissa Pixel)by The Vision1:59
4.Bullet Holeby Dr. Rude3:41
5.Rootsby Wildstylez1:32
6.Alchemy Of Hardstyleby Audiotricz3:56
7.Get Downby Da Tweekaz3:55
8.LOVE x HATE (and Coone)by Max Enforcer3:41
9.Hold Meby Galactic3:12
10.Sail Away (and Natalia Isabella)by Frontliner2:43
11.Save My Soulby Energyzed3:22
12.Triangleby Code Black3:33
13.The Forgotten Path (Pumpkin Anthem 2015) (and Villain)by Cyber4:28
14.Fluteby The Prophet2:47
15.I Can't Stayby Sound Rush3:42
16.Lifted (and Crystal Lake)by Rebourne3:14
17.I Need Youby A-Lusion3:05
18.Chroniclesby Demolite2:04
19.Cyborg (and Reactor)by Mekanikal3:27
20.New Lifeby Sephyx2:38
21.Rough MFby Psyko Punkz3:26
22.Our Dreams (Dream Village 2015 O.S.T.)by Bass Modulators3:36
23.Higherby D-Block & S-Te-Fan2:53
24.Check This Out (and Festuca)by Adrenalize3:48
25.Sicknite (Devin Wild Remix)by Stephanie4:01

Disk #2

1.Come Onby Crisis Era2:47
2.Yard Of The Free (and YNNCK feat. John Harris)by LNY TNZ1:46
3.CTRL (vs. Tuneboy & DJ Isaac)by Technoboy3:15
4.Inner Beastby Tatanka4:05
5.Ravers Religion (and Kutski)by Endymion4:07
6.Ferocityby Malua3:08
7.Brain Confusionby Act of Rage3:20
8.Firestarter (and E-Life)by Ran-D3:53
9.Our Domain (and Envine feat. MC DL)by Tartaros3:37
10.Getting Off (and Titan)by Frequencerz1:58
11.This Is Madness (and Sub Zero Project)by Atmozfears3:24
12.POW! (How You Like Me Now)by Hard Driver1:16
13.Rest In Hellby Digital Punk2:05
14.Brain Smackerby Outbreak2:28
15.This Is Los Angelesby Gunz for Hire3:19
16.Endless Path (vs. Degos & Re-Done)by B-Front3:08
17.Disorder (Ground Zero Anthem 2015)by E-Force2:52
18.What!by Scream Intention3:06
19.I Am The Darkby Activator0:26
20.Hostileby Alpha23:37
21.Dark Universe (and Rob Gee)by Adaro5:27
22.Throwback (and Crypsis)by Warface3:58
23.The Devils Reaperby Moridin2:22
24.Funkby Delete3:45
25.Kountdownby Hard Attakk2:24

Disk #3

1.NSTFRby Advanced Dealer2:22
2.Rebell Dizz (vs. Neophyte & The Viper)by Tha Playah2:17
3.Guardians Of Unlostby Art of Fighters3:08
4.Breakdownby The Melodyst3:19
5.Forge Your Freedom (and MC Tha Watcher)by Re-Style2:00
6.Our Light (This Is Hardcore At Moscow Anthem 2015) (feat. MC Alee)by Alien T.3:34
7.Not My Tempoby DJ Mad Dog2:35
8.You Get Me High (and Rob Gee)by AniMe2:59
9.Nobody Stopping Thisby Tommyknocker2:33
10.Hi-R (and Re-Direction)by Tensor3:17
11.Fireby Bodyshock2:48
12.Head Knockerby Beastarius3:22
13.Krakakaby D-Fence3:46
14.Painkillahby Euphority2:33
15.Slapeloosheidby Furyan2:54
16.Hurt (and DaY-mar feat. Erik Lindeman)by Korsakoff2:34
17.Sound Becomes One (vs. Destructive Tendencies)by Partyraiser5:26
18.Embrace The Ultimate (Harmony Of Hardcore Anthem 2015)by Amnesys4:01
19.Disorder (Ground Zero Anthem 2015) (feat. The Punisher & Sutter Kain)by Tieum1:41
20.Swingbeat (vs. Tieum feat. Kraken)by The Sickest Squad2:32
21.Let's Get Freakyby Koozah3:35
22.Not Giving A Shitby Nosferatu3:54
23.Infected By Madness (F. Noize & System Overload Remix)by Kasparov2:17
24.Rip It Upby Drokz2:36
25.Nothing Is Free (and Remzcore)by Dr. Peacock4:37