Hardcore Nation 2009 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hardcore Nation 2009by Various Artists

  • 58 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:52:09


Disk #1

1.Infinity 2008 (JAKAZiD mix)by Guru Josh Project4:30
2.Born to Bleed (Orbit1 remix) (feat. Marie Louise)by Bishop3:24
3.Fly Away (Al Storm's HN VIP mix)by Visa3:47
4.Paint Me in Sadness (Darwin mix) (feat. Vicky Fee)by Stu Allan & Al Storm3:59
5.Passion (Sy & Unknown remix)by Amen! UK3:47
6.Open Up (Chaos remix) (feat. Alison Wade)by DJ Seduction3:58
7.The Pastby Stu Allan4:44
8.Never Alone (feat. Katie Jewels)by Al Storm3:14
9.Save Our Love (feat. Fraz)by Fracus4:12
10.Without You (Fracus remix) (feat. Vicky Fee)by Stu Allan4:50
11.A Feeling (Darwin remix) (feat. Max'C)by Connected5:08
12.On the Move (Stu Allan remix)by Barthezz4:45
13.Complete Heaven (Exclusive HN Infinite mix)by Breeze3:14
14.Hear Our Musicby Samba D & Darwin4:16
15.Fireby Fretman & Alex F4:22
16.I Get Stonedby Audiojunkie & Stylus3:45
17.Twatrisby Brisk & Stormtrooper3:44
18.Horny Horns (Stu Allan remix)by Perfect Phase4:32
19.Hardcore Nationby Stu Allan & Darwin4:27

Disk #2

1.Feel Completeby Joey Riot5:11
2.Take Controlby Gammer4:08
3.The Power Within (Sy & Unknown remix) (feat. Kelly C)by Joey Riot4:17
4.About You 08by HAM and DNA5:00
5.Everywhere I Turn (Orbit1 remix)by Himbo & MC Enemy3:55
6.Seven Days & One Week (Joey Riot remix)by BBE3:06
7.True Love Revolution (Recon remix) (feat. Charm)by Flyin & Sparky4:50
8.Luvshy (Joey Riot remix) (feat. Becky)by Scandal & Kaos Theory2:29
9.Shake Ya Bodyby Kurt & MixC3:39
10.Lostby MC Whizzkid & Joey Riot2:09
11.Electronicby Sy & Unknown1:37
12.Life Goes Onby MC Wotsee & Joey Riot4:16
13.All I Need (DJ Kurt VIP mix)by Visa3:09
14.Don't Want to Let You Down (Joey Riot remix) (feat. Ben Williams)by Sy & Unknown4:39
15.Punk (Joey Riot remix)by Ferry Corsten4:02
16.I Don't Like Itby DJ Kurt2:32
17.Lethal Energyby Kevin Energy & Joey Riot3:41
18.Straight From the Underground (Joey Riot Powerbounce mix)by DJ Kurt3:47
19.Building Shakerby DJ Marc Smith & Gammer4:13
20.Coming Up Strongby Gammer & Joey Riot5:22

Disk #3

1.I Kissed a Girl (JAKAZiD remix)by JoBabe4:52
2.Toca's Miracle 2008 (Darren Styles remix)by Fragma3:38
3.Fascination (Orbit1 remix)by Alphabeat3:48
4.Something (Barley remix)by Lasgo4:09
5.Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart of Asia) (Orbit1 remix)by Watergate3:37
6.What's It Gonna Be? (Barley remix)by HNK3:37
7.Rhythm Is a Dancerby Nukleuz Kollective4:42
8.Mr Brown (JAKAZiD remix)by The Angry Kids vs. Bob Marley4:42
9.Don't Stop Movin (JAKAZiD remix) (feat. Jenna C)by Hyper Deejays4:31
10.Heartbroken (DJ Shimamura remix)by JoBabe4:34
11.Promise Me (4 o Clock)by Darwin4:04
12.Shake Your Body (JAKAZiD Breaks mix) (feat. Di)by Shy FX & T-Power5:47
13.The Journey Continues (Dougal & Gammer remix) (feat. Sarah Cracknell)by Mark Brown3:26
14.Braveheart (Joey Riot remix)by Gammer & Frantic4:58
15.Communication (Somebody Answer the Phone) (Audioscape remix)by Mario Più3:29
16.Revolution (JAKAZiD remix)by BK3:50
17.Blood Is Pumping (Audioscape remix)by Nukleuz Kollective3:26
18.Charly (Orbit1 remix)by Miss XS3:50
19.Move Your Body (Last of the Mohicans vs. J-Swish remix)by Vinylgroover & The Red Hed2:29

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