Hardcore Nightmares, Vol. 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hardcore Nightmares, Vol. 4by Various Artists

  • 43 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:39:05


1.G-Gunk (Radio Edit)by Dyprax3:33
2.Hardcore to da Bone (N-Vitral Remix Edit)by Masters of Ceremony2:57
3.Let It Burn (Edit) (and Restrained)by Tha Playah3:29
4.Follow Me (Radio Edit) (and Tears of Fury)by Korsakoff4:03
5.Rock the Part-E (DJ Mad Dog Remix)by Endymion2:37
6.Innovhate (and F. Noize)by Andy the Core3:24
7.The Chosen Ones II (Radio Edit) (feat. Tha Watcher)by Deadly Guns2:50
8.Get It Crackin (Sefa Radio Edit)by Re-Style3:08
9.Out of the Frame (Radio Edit)by Miss K83:11
10.My Shit Is Dope (Radio Edit)by Drokz2:35
11.Creature (Radio Edit)by Angerfist2:35
12.From the South (Radio Edit) (and Deadly Guns)by Warface4:12
13.Start the Riot (Radio Edit)by F. Noize3:02
14.The Ruler (Syndicate 2018 Anthem Edit) (feat. Tha Watcher)by N-Vitral4:09
15.Stand Your Ground (Radio Edit) (and Noize Suppressor)by Anime3:28
16.Hustlers (Radio Edit) (and System Overload)by Angerfist4:06
17.Undefeated (Radio Edit) (and F. Noize)by Deadly Gunz3:25
18.Where the Dead Mingle (feat. Ruffneck)by Skinrush6:16
19.Time to Detonate (feat. Killer MC)by Koozah2:49
20.The Prophecy (Radio Edit)by Dither3:09
21.Salvation (Radio Edit) (vs. Never Surrender & Alee)by Korsakoff3:35
22.Grip the Glock (Radio Edit) (and Remzcore)by Dyprax3:34
23.One Two Three (Radio Edit)by Noize Suppressor2:50
24.Crowd War (Edit) (and Koozah)by Predato2:13
25.Hammer Dance (Radio Edit) (and Dither feat. MC Focus)by N-Vitral3:07
26.Sense in Violence (Radio Edit)by Digital Punk3:47
27.Unlock the Gateby Miss Hysteria5:57
28.Drop the Bombby Contagious Madness4:15
29.Mainstreamby eDUB5:10
30.Invincible (Radio Edit) (and E-Force)by Deadly Guns4:19
31.Battleground (Edit)by Nosferatu3:39
32.Lose It (Edit)by Guerillas3:19
33.So Many Sacrifices (2018 Mix) (and Ruffneck)by Ophidian6:56
34.R3belliousby Skinrush5:39
35.The Ultimate Neophyte Tribute (Edit)by Repix4:13
36.Klapt M Uit (Edit)by D-Fence2:44
37.Rip It Open (Radio Edit) (and Ncrypta)by Deadly Guns3:43
38.Motherfucking Bassdrum (Edit)by Never Surrender2:32
39.Managementby Wavolizer4:06
40.Ghostsby Fear Factor4:27
41.Waking the Demon (Radio Edit) (and Mental Disorder)by Restrained2:48
42.Funky Beatsby Wreck Reality4:17
43.Bazooka (Album Edit) (and Remzcore)by X-Pander2:57