Hardstyle Summer 2019 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hardstyle Summer 2019by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:25


1.Oxygenby Headhunterz4:27
2.Forthenite (Radio Edit)by D-Block & Stefan3:54
3.Wolves Cry (vs. D-Block & Stefan)by Wildstylez4:10
4.Because Of You (Radio Edit) (and Refuzion)by Da Tweekaz3:40
5.Breakaway (feat. Michael Jo)by Sound Rush2:43
6.Run With The Wolves (and E-Life)by Wildstylez4:36
7.Gladiators (Radio Edit) (and Atmozfears)by Devin Wild3:14
8.Reloadedby Toneshifterz4:20
9.Oxygen (Clockartz Remix Edit)by Bass Modulators3:45
10.Reaching For The Starsby Aftershock3:38
11.Fiyaaah! (Radio Edit) (and Dutch Movement)by The Prophet3:54
12.Victorious (Radio Edit)by Pysko Punkz4:05
13.Voyage Of The Galaxies (Radio Edit)by Crystal Lake2:48
14.How We Roll (and Firelite feat. OMZ)by Concept Art3:35
15.Give A Drumby Galactixx2:37
16.The Endless (Radio Edit)by RVAGE3:51
17.Bass Goes Boom (Edit)by Deluzion3:58
18.Rise Of Rejecta (Radio Edit)by Rejecta4:03
19.The Drums (Radio Edit)by Dr. Phunk3:14
20.Till The End (Radio Edit) (feat. Dani Omega)by Hard Driver3:52
21.Hurricane (Radio Edit)by Ran-D4:56
22.Together (Radio Edit) (and TNT feat. Matthew Steeper)by Da Tweekaz3:47
23.We Are The Solution (Solution Anthem 2019)by Toneshifterz4:19
24.Among The Stars (Radio Edit) (feat. Nino Lucarelli)by Demi Kanon3:31
25.Tonight (Edit) (and Mental Theo)by DJ Zany2:53
26.Soul Of The Beat (Radio Edit)by Retrospect3:12
27.Rushby Nexone3:14
28.Reality (Radio Edit)by Hypnose4:03
29.Dark Starby Xense3:06
30.Roll The Dice (Edit)by Helix3:33
31.Prophecyby Emphasis4:00
32.Shine (Radio Edit) (and Alex Holmes)by The Prophet3:24
33.Mind Bending (Radio Edit)by Devin Wild3:30
34.Breathe Hardstyle (Radio Edit) (feat. Syren)by Sephyx3:21
35.The Edge Of Existence (Reverze 2019 Anthem) (Edit)by KELTEK4:59
36.Be Alright (Radio Edit)by Deepack3:07
37.You & I (Radio Edit)by Refuzion3:09
38.Aftermath (Radio Edit) (feat. Neolite & Xantic)by D-Charged3:26
39.Dark Star (Radio Edit)by Jesse Jax3:33
40.High Tonight (Radio Edit)by Mandy2:58