Harmony Of Hardcore 2017 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Harmony Of Hardcore 2017by Various Artists

  • 46 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:58:57


1.Continuous Mix by Re-Styleby Various Artists57:51
2.Continuous Mix by The Sickest Squadby Various Artists1:10:48
3.Doom of Humanity (Edit)by Thorax3:40
4.Tempestby Korsakoff4:07
5.Distorted Noises (Edit) (and E-Force)by Tha Playah3:09
6.Inspirational Message (Edit) (feat. Mental Disorder)by Restrained3:02
7.Rock The Show (Edit)by Re-Style3:02
8.Don't Fear Death (Edit) (and Norphine)by Dyprax3:01
9.The Game (and Re-Style)by Korsakoff4:03
10.The Awakening (Official Masters of Hardcore Austria 2017 Anthem) (Edit) (feat. Tha Watcher)by Re-Style3:15
11.Examination (Edit)by Koozah3:16
12.Towards The Sunby Re-Style3:04
13.Hero (Edit)by Mad Dog3:24
14.Where Ya At Muthafukka (and Re-Style)by Destructive Tendencies4:30
15.Worlds End (Edit) (and Predator)by Catscan3:09
16.Unit Of Measure (Edit)by Re-Style3:58
17.Liar (Edit)by AniMe2:49
18.Ultimate Hardcore Feeling (Official Harmony Of Hardcore 2017 Anthem) (Edit) (feat. Alee & Diesel)by Re-Style3:28
19.St8ment (Edit)by Miss K82:55
20.Banaan (Re-Style Remix Edit) (feat. Stepherd, Skinto & Jayh)by Jebroer3:13
21.Fucked Up Music (Edit)by Tommyknocker3:35
22.Men Of Steel (Tha Playah Remix Edit) (and Frequencerz)by E-Force2:57
23.Can You Feel It (Edit)by Detest3:36
24.HCWND (Edit) (and Rob Gee)by Andy The Core2:38
25.Open Your Eyes (Edit) (feat. Vale Blake)by Bit Reactors3:12
26.Anubis (Edit)by The Sickest Squad4:26
27.Icebreaker (Innominate Remix)by I:Gor5:14
28.Retrogadeby Radium4:46
29.Perfect Storm (and Pattern J)by The Mastery6:25
30.Sick & Core (Edit) (and Andy The Core feat. Delta 9)by The Sickest Squad3:19
31.Smoking Zoneby Sirio4:29
32.Meatby The Satan4:09
33.First Blood (and Hyrule War)by The Braindrillerz4:52
34.Don’t Speak (Edit) (feat. Vale Blake)by The Sickest Squad3:20
35.El Gringo Loco (The Sickest Squad Remix)by The Speed Freak4:24
36.Life Is Hardcoreby Maissouille5:18
37.Hard Melodyby Bit Reactors3:14
38.Zombie (Edit)by The Sickest Squad3:56
39.Brutal Hardcore Motherfucker (The Sickest Squad Remix Edit)by Detest2:21
40.Uzi Dance (Radium's Hardcore Akhbar Remix)by Tricksterland5:54
41.Core Motherfuer (Edit) (and Lenny Dee)by The Sickest Squad3:23
42.Bang The Dancefloor (Edit) (feat. MC Braincase)by The Sickest Squad3:52
43.Losing Your Mind (and Sefa)by Mr. Ivex3:58
44.Extreme Terror (The Sickest Squad Remix)by DJ Skinhead3:46
45.Gadjo (and Dr. Peacock)by Progamers5:36
46.Nightmareby Ohmboy6:33