hat. mp3 Album by Mike Keneally
  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:20


1.Your Quimby Dollars at Work0:38
2.I Can't Stop3:31
3.Ugly Town3:43
4.Open Up!3:43
5.Dhen Tin1:17
6.Spearmint Pup1:57
8.Always Man2:25
9.My Immense Superiority Over the Silverfish0:15
10.Eno and the Actor2:30
11.The Car Song5:15
12.Heaven Likes You / Apple Pie2:11
13.Backstage With Wilson Phillips2:40
14.Here Is What I Dreamed3:06
15.Here Is Why2:13
16.Performing Miracles3:40
17.Spoon Guy1:09
18.And That's Why It's Called Spunk0:07
19.Johnny One-Note / The Exciting New Toothpaste From Mars1:27
20.Day of the Cow 12:23
22.Day of the Cow 21:12
23.We're Rockin' All Night With the Tangy Flavor of Cheddar4:53
24.Rosemary Girl3:30
25.Lightnin' Roy14:46