He Had a Hat mp3 Album by Jeff Lorber

He Had a Hatby Jeff Lorber

  • 13 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 52:26


1.Anthem For A New America3:49
2.He Had A Hat4:35
3.Grandma's Hands - Jeff Lorber & Eric Benet4:07
5.All Most Blues4:26
7.BC Bop2:29
8.The Other Side Of The Heart - Jeff Lorber, Paula Cole & Eric Benet5:36
10.Super Fusion Unit3:53
11.Eye Tunes3:51
12.Requiem For Gandalf3:44
13.Burn Brightly3:52
One of Mr. Lorber's more varied albums stylistically, the title track is my favorite due to the imaginative chord progressions and use of the Fender Rhodes. Of the vocal songs, "Grandma's Hands" is the superior of the two (the other being "The Other Side Of the Heart") with Eric Benet's emotive voicings.

Mr. Lorber ventures into VERY soft instrumental, almost New Agey music with "Anthem for a New America", "Requiem for Gandalf", and "Super Fusion Unit"--probably my least favorite instrumentals on the album, but they do show his range and versatility. With "Be Bops" and "All Most Blues", he takes a very rare but welcome foray into straight ahead be bop jazz. "Surreptitious" and "Hudson" are typical, moderately funky, well composed numbers that are typically associated with Mr. Lorber.