Heart of Goa 7 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Heart of Goa 7by Various Artists

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:21:39


1.Heart Of Goa, Vol. 7 (Album DJ Mix)by Various Artists1:51:22
2.Promesa De Los Ancestrosby Jedidiah2:32
3.Different Lifeforms (and Etnica)by Ovnimoon8:26
4.Psyventureby Psybuddy6:10
5.Concept Of Timeby Refocus7:38
6.Break The Patternby N3v177310:31
7.Virus Waterfallsby Thenaria7:19
8.Secrets of the Universeby Quazax8:24
9.Equation Theoryby Lastfloor7:14
10.1.3 Billionsby Audiosonic8:13
11.Resonanceby Duall6:53
12.Muktiby Dhyana7:31
13.C20H25N3Oby Pineal Eye7:32
14.Karmaby Tottem9:19
15.Spiritual weaverby PsyStream8:38
16.The Soul (and Denature)by Alignments7:04
17.Respinby Elepho7:18
18.Galactic Connectionby Imajica7:18
19.Dark Planetby Sixsense6:43
20.Annyoby Zsanchos11:42
21.Last Time In Heavenby Blue Bliss3:52