Heart's Delight mp3 Album by Finest Kind

Heart's Delightby Finest Kind

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:23


1.A Sailor's Life2:40
2.Fond Affection4:12
3.The Fugitive's Lament2:14
5.Jack Ashton5:00
6.If You Can't Get Five, Take Two2:39
7.Brigg Fair1:52
8.Someday You'll Call My Name2:53
9.April Morning3:06
10.In Praise of Alcohol3:13
11.Down at the End of Memory's Lane2:53
12.Homeless Wassail3:57
13.The Mermaid3:17
14.Squid Jiggin' Ground6:13
15.Home in Pasadena3:36
16.No More Fish, No Fishermen3:58
17.Who Will Sing for Me3:19