Hi Berlin! (Deep-House Tunes), Vol. 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hi Berlin! (Deep-House Tunes), Vol. 3by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:40:22


1.Moonlight Crusher (Original Mix)by Colin Parker6:32
2.Bsospicius Area (Original Mix)by Beach Coffee Ensemble3:02
3.Night Is Here (Jane Maximova)by Lemongrass4:00
4.Get The Beat (Non Vocal Mix) (feat. Da Chello)by Scot & Millfield5:45
5.Two Beers And Some Sample Magic (Original Mix)by Renoa6:28
6.Lunch Day (Original Mix)by Tony Deledda6:21
7.Together (London 54's Sunset Mix)by Solid Groove3:43
8.Epeirogenesis (Original Mix)by Gorillag5:19
9.Der Notenpirat (Original Mix)by Mario Santo5:02
10.Your Love Sales (Original Mix)by Santos Devana3:00
11.Ü And Me (Original Mix)by Krokodile Krügel6:06
12.Dub Inside (Original Mix)by M. Belladonna5:43
13.After And Before (Original Mix)by Solar Cycle6:34
14.Say A Little Prayer (Terry Lee Brown Junior Dub) (feat. Karl Frierson)by Francesco Diaz6:46
15.Guitar Hero (Push & Do Remix)by The Mask4:20
16.Utopia (Deep Mix) (feat. JONI)by Senseekers4:14
17.In The Music (Original Mix)by Deep Couture3:36
18.Dasha (Original Mix)by Jaques Le Noir6:17
19.Escape From The Deep (Original Mix)by Milk Company3:34
20.Go Down Low (Original Mix)by Johnny Dench2:58
21.Cube De Sucre (Original Mix) (feat. Von Felthen)by Matthew S5:00
22.Don't Stop (Original Mix)by Damon Grey4:49
23.Touch Me (Ariane Blank & Albena Flores Remix) (feat. Abigail Bailey)by Tom & Jerry7:02
24.Duke Rules (Original Mix)by Cristian Marconi6:18
25.Easy Love (Original Mix)by Thomas Heat6:17
26.Der Glockenturm (Original Mix)by Lille Bro8:18
27.Be Real (Vocal Mix)by Schaller11:44
28.Azul (Original Mix)by Tolly Brody3:03
29.Santorini (Original Mix)by Mr. Nice3:31
30.House Of Time (Original Mix)by Andrea Maffei5:00