Hot Fives & Sevens, Volume 1 mp3 Artist Compilation by Louis Armstrong

Hot Fives & Sevens, Volume 1by Louis Armstrong

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:52


1.My Heart2:30
2.Yes! I'M In The Barrel2:43
3.Gut Bucket Blues2:47
4.Come Back, Sweet Papa2:34
5.Georgia Grind2:39
6.Heebie Jeebies2:59
7.Cornet Chop Suey3:21
8.Oriental Strut3:05
9.You'Re Next3:20
10.Muskrat Ramble2:37
11.Don't Forget To Mess Around3:07
12.I'M Gonna Gitcha2:48
13.Dropping Shucks2:57
14.Who' Sit2:49
15.He Likes It Slow2:46
16.The King Of The Zulus3:09
17.Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa3:04
18.Lonesome Blues3:07
19.Sweet Little Papa2:49
20.Jazz Lips3:05
22.Big Butter And Egg Man From The West3:03
23.Sunset Cafe Stomp2:50
24.You Made Me Love You2:56
25.Irish Black Bottom2:37