Hot Fuss (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by The Killers

Hot Fuss (Limited Edition)by The Killers

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:19


1.Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine4:04
2.Mr. Brightside3:43
3.Smile Like You Mean It3:55
4.Somebody Told Me3:17
5.All These Things That I've Done5:02
6.Andy, You're A Star3:14
7.On Top4:19
8.Change Your Mind3:12
9.Believe Me Natalie5:05
10.Midnight Show4:03
11.Everything Will Be Alright5:45
12.Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll4:17
13.The Ballad Of Michael Valentine3:50
14.Under The Gun2:33
Adam Oz
I absolutely love this album. It is great the way they mixed the album too. I grew up listening to the songs from this album on the radio, and I especially enjoyed rediscovering this album. I now constantly listen to it and throughly enjoy every track. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine is really great as the opening track, it accurately sets the tone for how the rest of the album is. Mr. Brightside is great too, as I can pretty much relate to the song and what Brandon Flowers experienced as a whole. It kinda hits hard when I listen to it, and I love the way the story unfolds through the lyrics. Smile Like You Mean It is definitely my second favorite song from the Killers. The music video really compliments the song's meaning, and it really does feel emotional in a nostalgic way. It always reminds me of how time flies as you grow up. Somebody Told Me is a good song, but not as memorable to me as the other ones. All These Things That I've Done is certainly my favorite Killers song. I completely understand the lyrics as it mostly applies to how certain aspects of my life have gone. I love how the protagonist is asking for help and forgiveness, while also noting that whoever helps him will slowly sink to his level too. It's so emotional, tragic, and strong. I love it. Andy You're a Star is also one of my favorites and totally underrated in my opinion. I love how it beings slow and it grows to a strong chorus near the end. On Top is a decent song, catchy guitar riff. Change Your Mind is another favorite. I relate strongly to the lyrics and have had situations where this song really said what I was also thinking. The rest of the songs aren't as great or masterfully crafted as the first 8. I do enjoy the bonus tracks on this edition though, they are a nice addition. They aren't on iTunes either, so it's great to have it here. Overall, this album really had an impact on my life, and I still consistently listen to it today. Definitely worthy of a five star rating!
The Killers, albeit slightly less loved than say, Kings of Leon or Foo Fighters, still take up a high slot in popular rock music.

Their debut album, Hot Fuss, immediately proved their ability to make a fantastic rock album. The album starts off extremely well, with "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine", "Mr. Brightside", "Smile Like You Mean It" and "Somebody Told Me". These opening four tracks will probably remain my favourite The Killers songs to this day, which is a testament to their lasting impact when you first listen to the album and immediately get presented with four absolutely fantastic melodies.

The Killers combine guitar riffs, great singing and some great synth work into songs that cannot be called anything but great. They, like Muse, have a very impressive ability to make extremely catchy (and I use this word in the best possible sense, as opposed to Black Eyed Peas' songs being catchy but, terrible, for example) lead into absolutely fantastic choruses that you find yourself singing along to before you know it. Hot Fuss is simply a great album across the board, and to this day remains their best release, in my mind. Recommended fully.