House Ball, Vol.4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

House Ball, Vol.4by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:14


Disk #1

1.Movin' Too Fast (Radio Mix) (and Romina Johnson)by Artful Dodger4:00
2.Get On My Camel (Major Boys Mix)by Paul Johnson6:11
3.Sunshine Hotel (and Nick Morris)by Jamie Lewis3:44
4.Coraçao Tamborby Ian Pooley5:58
5.The Groovy Thangby Minimal Funk6:57
6.Down, Down, Down (Porno's Mix)by Gambafreaks5:20
7.The Theme From Talamanca (Summer Super Remix)by The Rhythm Junkeez5:52
8.Venga Brazil 2000 (Groove Mix)by Barrio Bahia5:24
9.Of The Wall (Tonite Club)by Cheach Masteach7:01
10.On A Mission (Pulsar Club Mix)by Funky Engine6:48
11.Sex Me... (Summer 2000 Extended Mix) (feat. Kussu)by Butter & Steel7:51
12.Get Off (Funky Engine Mix)by Sister Funk6:03

Disk #2

1.Funky Musicby Layton & Stone3:08
2.That Melody (Morel's Groove Mix)by Morel's Grooving Again9:13
3.In Front (Wan' It)by N.Y. Connection7:28
4.Can't Get High Without U (Trunkids Remix) (feat. Taka Boom)by Joey Negro6:31
5.Spring Affair (Tom Lorenz Mix) (vs. Marcel Krieg)by Kid Batchelor7:04
6.Love Me Stillby Funky Derrick4:53
7.Deep Menace (Spank) Mix (Burger Queen Mix)by D'Menace7:04
8.Lubrique (Main Mix) (feat. Chaah)by John Deago6:10
9.Get your Body Move (pres. Pash)by Open Haus4:05
10.Spiller From Rio (Future Funk Mix)by Laguna5:46
11.Ride On Time 2000 (Tom Novy vs. Pufo Latin Sensation Remix) (feat. Loleatta)by Melted Artists8:31
12.Runnin' Back (Full Vocal Mix) (feat. Deanna)by Peter Presta5:12