How To Make A Monster mp3 Artist Compilation by The Cramps

How To Make A Monsterby The Cramps

  • 46 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:23:21


Disk #1

1.Quick Joey Small (summer 1976)2:08
2.Lux's Blues (summer 1976)1:14
3.Sunglasses After Dark (summer 1976)2:57
4.TV Set (summer 1976)2:35
5.Love Me (summer 1976)1:16
6.Subwire Desire (summer 1976)2:51
7.Sunglasses After Dark (summer 1976)3:13
8.Sunglasses After Dark (summer 1976)2:29
9.I Was A Teenage Werewolf (Oct. 1976)3:08
10.Can't Hardly Stand It (Oct. 1976)3:28
11.Sweet Woman Blues (1981 rehearsal)4:54
12.Rumble Blues (1981 rehearsal)1:50
13.Rumble Blues (false start) (1981 rehearsal)0:49
14.Rumble Blues (1981 rehearsal)3:28
15.Rumble Blues (1981 rehearsal)2:32
16.Lonesome Town (1981 rehearsal)4:13
17.Five Years Ahead Of My Time (1982 A&M Studio)2:11
18.Call of the Wighat (1982 A&M Studio)4:36
19.Hanky Panky (1982 A&M Studio)2:56
20.Journey to the Center of a Girl (1988 rehearsal)3:36
21.Jackyard Backoff (1988 rehearsal)3:04
22.Everything Goes (1988 rehearsal)1:54
23.All Women Are Bad (1988 home demo)3:48
24.Happy Birthday / Mike Reid Radio Spot / Hanky Panky (1988 home demo)5:06

Disk #2

1.Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk2:07
2.I Was a Teenage Werewolf3:10
3.Sunglasses After Dark5:03
4.Jungle Hop2:20
6.Love Me3:21
8.TV Set3:25
9.I'm Cramped2:34
10.The Way I Walk3:28
11.Love Me3:01
13.Human Fly3:04
14.I Was a Teenage Werewolf3:26
15.Sunglasses After Dark4:43
16.Can't Hardly Stand It3:34
17.Uranium Rock3:03
18.What's Behind the Mask3:01
19.Baby Blue Rock3:01
20.Subwire Desire2:54
21.I'm Cramped2:52
22.TV Set3:39