Hymns By Johnny Cash mp3 Album by Johnny Cash

Hymns By Johnny Cashby Johnny Cash

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 28:45


1.It Was Jesus2:08
2.I Saw A Man2:36
3.Are All The Children In1:58
4.The Old Account2:29
5.Lead Me Gently Home2:04
6.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot1:57
7.Snow In His Hair2:24
8.Lead Me Father2:31
9.I Call Him1:50
10.These Things Shall Pass2:20
11.He'Ll Be A Friend2:00
12.God Will2:24
13.It Was Jesus [Mono Ep Version][*]2:04
Johnny Cash with a sound of returning to where he attempted to start with Gospel Music offers this Hymns collection. Deeply influenced by his mother Johnny Cash presents a collection of classics that showcase the recognizable sound that many tries but only Johnny could deliver. Starts with It Was Jesus, which sounds like it could have been taken from his Gospel Road Record, Snow in his hair a trubute to aging Fathers and the history they share with us, I call Him a song of Praying to God when we are in trouble. The album finishes up with a Mono Version of It Was Jesus.